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5 Steps on How to Achieve The Cozy Girl Aesthetic Trend

We all know and love her. The girl who makes home her sanctuary, with lush blankets and a decadent mug of coffee in her hand as she flips through the latest edition of Vogue or the newest Emily Henry novel. FOMO is a no-show because any plans can be made better with a night in. Yup, our EIC – Erika De La Cruz – is definitely her. And we’ve got some good news for you: cozy is in! With LA’s unpredictable weather on top of a pastel heavy spring right around the corner, this is the perfect time to step into your cozy girl era and invest in some luxe loungewear for day and night. The cozy girl aesthetic is all about creating those little moments of luxury throughout your day. From noticing how your clothes brush up against your skin to picking out the perfect coffee maker to fulfill your caffeine wishes. No matter what luxury means for you, we’ve got some tips to achieve your most highest, coziest, and luxe self ever. Keep scrolling to see if you’ve mastered any of these steps.

Step 1: Invest in high QUALITY Loungewear

To look it, you have to feel it, and we’ve found some pieces to make it happen. Can’t go wrong with  Victoria’s Secret’s satin pajama sets. They make you feel like royalty, and are the perfect way to extend comfort far beyond your bed. Speaking of your bed, consider investing in some silk sheets and pillowcases. We love the ones from LilySilk or SLIP. Not only do they feel divine, they are also great for your hair and skin because silk doesn’t retain bacteria. That means you’re saying hello to the best sleep, skin AND hair of your life. Wake up feeling super luxe on your way to brush your hair by wrapping up in a silk robe. We love the vibrant look and feel of Printfresh’s new satin line and their bagheera robe.


Step 2: Find your PERFECT morning pick me up

Is it really a new day if you don’t start it with a glass of your favorite iced or hot? Whether you’re a hardcore matcha girlie or a vanilla latte is more your style, making your favorite drink at home can be an instant brightener to your day. If you’re more of a coffee girl, consider building a coffee bar (just like Erika) for your home so you can enjoy all the drinks you love from in your luxury loungewear from your bed or couch.

Editor in Chief, Erika De La Cruz, enjoys her coffee bar

To get you started, check out Nespresso’s range of coffee machines and pods! We especially love their Vertuo Lattissima to make café-style lattes . In terms of pod flavors, we love the Madagascar Vanilla and the Cioccolatino. For our matcha lovers, we recommend Chamberlain Coffee’s Lavender Matcha Latte for a delicious twist on your everyday. To make the experience even more glamorous, try Rocky’s Matcha and whisk it yourself with their gorgeous bamboo whisk

Step 3: Choose LUXE bath and home essentials

There’s really nothing better than unwinding after a long day with a steamy bubble bath encompassing your favorite scent. Cozy girls make time for self-care, and is there anything more relaxing than a good read or yummy sip as you enjoy a moment of intentionality after a hectic week? We love Poshology’s luxury bath products (their bath soaks might just be our faves!). Try the Coconut Milk Bath Soak to have your skin feeling softer than it’s ever been, or the Black Tea Bath Salts to relieve stress and have you feeling like you’re in a Himalayan spa. To keep your books and glass of bubbly dry as you relax, try a wooden or bamboo bath tray to take your cozy girl vibes to the next level. Anthropologie has some great options, like this Everlee Bath Caddy we can’t recommend enough.  Also check out their huge range of candles and diffusers to have your room smelling just as good as you will! Diptyque also has some delicious-smelling options that will make your home smell so good you’ll never want to leave. Try the Diptyque Vanille, available at Steven Dann


Step 4: DISCOVER a cozy girl hobby

Whether it’s reading books that will make you disgustingly educated or picking up a hot girl hobby (trust us its a thing)  that will keep your hands busy and mind free of worry while snuggled up in your favorite blanket. Recently, we’ve been loving crocheting animals. Crochet is incredibly easy to get started with, and there are some incredible resources online to have you creating in no time. If you want to crochet animals with us, The Woobles has some adorable crochet kits for all levels. We love their Easy Peasy Beginner Bundle and Axolotl Crochet Kit. If it’s reading that gets you excited, we’ve got you covered. We love a combination of thought pieces and fiction. One of our favorite sources for short and digestible non-fiction that will make you think is the New York Times Magazine. Their article How Group Chats Rule The World, a deep dive into the cultural significance of group chats and their potential to take over from social media, is one of our favorites this year. The article is also available as a 20-minute podcast episode that can be found on the website. For our favorite fictional reads that are sure to keep your heart happy, check out Emily Henry’s novels for a modern-day take on the rom-com genre. Book Lovers is one of our favorites too because of its relatable characters and very endearing writing. For the girls who just can’t get enough of the sad girl aesthetic, try Sally Rooney’s Normal People, widely regarded as one of the best books of the last decade.

Step 5: SPEND time with yourself

Luxe lounging and the cozy girl aesthetic is all about intentionality and creating a space that makes you feel safe and comfortable. The best way to do that is to spend time with yourself and get in touch with yourself. Our favorite way is through journaling, and these journals from Papier have us smile every time we look at them. Try guided journaling through prompts to get to know yourself better or just writing whatever enters your mind. We guarantee it will have you feeling more relaxed in no time!

If you ever want to step out of your cozy girl world, check out all the cool things there is to do around LA.