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10 Must-Do’s at L.A.Live This Season

Plan a Down Town-Day Out:

Can we all agree that sky-scraping city vibes just scream, holdiday-day-out? The LA Girl has all the details for you to plan the perfect next day (or night) out in the city scape of L.A. Live. With the Tinsel Town buzz of Trevor Noah as the new host for this year’s The 2022 GRAMMY awards & the hype around favorites like Jon Batiste, Justin Bieber & Doja Cat buzzing around the city as nominees, here’s our list of “musts:”

First: Pick a Fabulous Restaurant

Before spending date night at the GRAMMY Museum, the first step is deciding where to eat. LA has it all, but don’t worry because there are many restaurants to eat and drink, all within walking distance from our destination.

– Cafe Fig located at the Hotel Figueroa (for shwanky vibes) with eats for everyone.

– El Cholo this Mexican restaurant is a bit more casual but will not disappoint (and has plenty of vegan options.)

– Yard House finally, if you’re just in the mood for a classic- take the group and head over to Yardhouse!

Next: The List of Must-Do’s

If you want something warm, indoors, entertaining and fun, we’ve got a venue at L.A. Live for you! The GRAMMY Museum. (The best part, it’s only $15.) Skip the expensive movie ticket that last’s 90 minutes and go explore the must-sees and “sounds” of this place, it’s unforgettable.

1. Watch Will Smith’s GRAMMY Speech (Did you know he talks about being the first rap artist to ever win a GRAMMY in his new book?) Will’s isn’t the only speech you’ll see: power houses like Beyonce, Lady Gaga & more await.

2. Mono to Immersive Sound Experience Room, (It’s like entering a club in the day time.) A visual & audio journey through the 19th century, to now. Pick any GRAMMY performance and we promise it will be one of your favorite rooms.

3. Latin Media Exhibit. See the couches? These floors are interactive & immersive, with an entire half a floor dedicated to the Latin GRAMMYs, it’s music, history and artists. Have a seat (though we find that dancing is a good option too.)

4. On The Red Carpet Exhibit: It’s breathtaking, aspirational and like you’re walking into the pages of a magazine full of A-listers and their most iconic moments.

5. Portraits and odes to the greats (from the greats.) We could not think of one major artist  that isn’t involved with The Recording Academy and through the experience, it becomes even more evident. 

6. See President Obama talk about Motown & explore the rhythm and artists that came from this ground-breaking label.

7. Statement Coats through out pop culture. We’re talking a TON of them: From Motown, Dave Matthews Band & Marco Antonio Solis, to The Jackson 5!

8. The Clive Davis Theater, located inside the museum. This 200 person theater welcomes major artists (weekly & currently) and has housed huge celebrations like Back to Black for the late Amy Winehouse. 

9. Red Carpet Photo Opp, a replica of the actual molding on the GRAMMY red carpet is located inside. (Plus, TONS more sprinkled through out the 4 floors- indoor and outdoor.)

 10. See Some of The Most Iconic Fashion Through Out History: The museum updates its glass boxes with each turn of award season, so you’ll never miss the latest accessories debuted. From hats & high heels to (as we found in 2021:) Floral Oscar De La Renta masks too. 

To make it easy, you can find all 10 together, in one ticket! Grab your tickets to the museum today. 

Finally: Go Ice Skating Afterward!

Since it’s the holidays, what better way to end your date night than ice skating with your date(s?) The struggle to stand, the laughs, and the precious moments are the few reasons to go ice skating. 

LA Kings Holiday Ice at LA Live: This venue is decked out with lights and cute Christmas decorations, perfect for instagram photo sessions. Tickets are around $20-$25, where you can purchase individual tickets or event host group sessions.

For more skating options in a neighborhood near you check out Best Places to go Ice Skating in LA