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Get Inked at These Top 5 Tattoo Shops in LA

We know that getting a tattoo is a huge commitment. When you think about it, it’s something that will stick with you forever. So getting the design, the place you want it to live and the person to do it has to be 100% right. The first step is always deciding on the specific artwork you want. Let’s face it, no one wants to choose anything without intention. After that, you’ll need to research a talented, professional & clean tattoo artist. We think the hardest part is the latter of that sentence because finding a clean shop with trustworthy pros can be just as challenging as deciding on the tattoo itself.  We are so grateful to live in an area where tattoo shops are abundant but yes, it can overwhelming to find THE ONE. So we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and have narrowed down a list of the best tattoo shops in LA. Happy inking!

1. Opal Tattoo Studio

Location: 7466 Beverly Blvd (Fairfax)

Opal Tattoo Studio’s clean and calm environment in the Fairfax district will have you feeling relaxed from the moment you step into their studio. Their talented artists specialize in fine-line tattoos and the team has multiple booking opportunities throughout the year. Can’t make it out to the studio? Then check out their work at  one of their flash tattooing events, where a select amount of designs are offered at a discount (love that!) with proceeds often benefitting local charities (we love that even more!).

2. Supersweet Tattoos & Coffee

Location: 1345/1347 Glendale Blvd. (Echo Park)

Supersweet Tattoos & Coffee is the best of both worlds with delicious drinks and gorgeous tattoos all in one place. You’ll fall in love with the Echo Park shop’s pink and palm decor and their incredible artists. They accept walk-ins, which means you can come in for a cup of joe and possibly walk out with some new ink. And, if you’re looking to upgrade your look, Supersweet offers microblading and permanent makeup services too.

3. The Warren Tattoo

Location: 3303 Cahuenga Blvd.  (Studio City)

Clients of The Warren Tattoo are most impressed with the shop’s professionalism. Many of The Warren Tattoo’s artists have years of experience. The shop’s owner, Zoey Taylor trains all newcomers who are willing to learn the art of ink. They also specialize in a variety of styles which makes it easier for you to decide which artist to book. Plus the colors they use paired with the artistry is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The shop prides itself on integrity and respect – two important qualities to consider when booking an appointment.

4. Sashatattooing

Location: 724 S. Spring St. #401-402 (DTLA) & 110 S. Avenue 58 (Highland Park) 

Sashatattooing has two experienced teams of tattooers in Los Angeles. They also have a team in Barcelona. Their incredible artists’ styles run the gamut from fine lines to realism and reflect their aesthetic perception of reality. Plus, we love that it’s woman-owned. The space in DTLA is a gorgeous open concept that has an incredible views of the downtown cityscape. The Highland Park location is an avant-garde creative space (with a ping pong table too) for artists to thrive and customers to feel their most comfortable. This is also great. If you’re not ready to commit to the ink, Sashatattoing also offers temporary tattoos in super cute designs. 

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5. Jelly 

Location: 3115 w 6th St. (Koreatown)

If you’re looking for a delicate, cool, and kitschy piece of ink, Jelly is your shop. From dainty and girly to fierce and pop cultured tattoos, they do it all and with class. Plus, they’re always bringing in guest artists that will offer flash tattoo designs. 

Want some new piercings to go with your fresh ink? Check out Leo West Ear Piercing: a woman-owned shop here in LA!