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Where To Get Your Ears Pierced in LA

Ear piercings are a fun and fabulous way to express yourself. You can keep it simple with lobe piercings, or get edgy with a conch or constellation earring. But, getting any ear piercing, or body modification can be intimidating. But at Leo West Ear Piercing in LA, they take the anxiety out of the piercing experience and provide a calm and classy environment for their clientele.

Meet Alaina Rothstein. She opened Leo West Ear Piercing, located at 2370 Westwood Blvd, Suite G , with her best friend Jillian Katz after the two had a negative experience in another piercing studio. “We felt that the place was dark and intimidating and that our piercer did not respect us or our feelings. We got our ear piercings, but there was no focus on customer service,” says Alaina. “I created Leo West, because I wanted people, especially women, to feel empowered by their piercing experience. Our piercers have no egos and love collaborating with clients to achieve the look they are imagining.”

She’s right. Clients will feel empowered as soon as they walk through the door and sit down to choose their new bling. They also have comforting little touches that go a long way, especially with women (am I right, ladies?). For example, they allow clients to choose their favorite music to listen to during the process and supply organic lollipops to calm nerves during an appointment. With these small but mighty amenities, Alaina hopes other businesses will catch on.

Her focus on client relationships also sets Leo West apart from its competitors. “We create an environment conducive to collaboration so that each person can make informed decisions in creating an aesthetic that best suits them.” Rothstein also says she wants clients to feel as though their ear piercing is just another form of self care. Her space is also very inviting for moms and their children to feel at ease on their big day (they can pierce children ages 4 months and up). “We love coaching little ones through their nerves, and seeing the smiles on their faces when their bravery pays off and they get a first look at their new bling.” As far as pricing, Leo West is very transparent and inclusive no matter what style is chosen.

Finally convinced to get a new ear party started?  Here are some Pro Tips (well, according to Alaina).

1. Look for a  licensed needle piercer. No offense to mall stores that offer piercings, but yeah, throw that idea out the window.

2. When you decide on that licensed needle piercer, be sure to do your homework and check out their past work. Sometime IG helps in that department.

3. Consider post-procedure complications. Alaina recommends making sure there’s a direct line of communication between you and your piercer for follow-up questions or consults.

Finally, 4. When getting your ears pierced, you should feel 100% comfortable throughout the process. And yes, there is always time to walk away if you don’t feel comfortable.

Now that you’ve got some new bling, show it off at one of these events happening this month.