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The 5 Best Red Carpet Fashion Looks & How To Wear Them

From tulle to teal and everything in between, red carpet looks are our favorite ways to predict the year’s moments in fashion. And so far, this year has had some of the best red carpet fashion looks and they have not disappointed. Here are some predictions and favorite statements we see becoming  major trends in 2024. We also put together some fashion suggestions on how you can incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. So for all you fashion girlies, here are 5 of the best red carpet fashion looks we can’t get enough. 

Glove Pop

Add a glove to complete a look has been gaining momentum in the last red carpets we’ve seen. Hailee Steinfeld’s gorgeous Golden Globes look might just be one of our favorites this year. She channeled the ever-relevant Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes in a gorgeous custom pink gown by Prada with sheer black glovesTaylor Swift was another big winner at the Grammys fashion game. The pop star looked so gorgeous in her strapless Schiaparelli white ball gown and chose velvet black opera gloves to set off what the world thought was her Reputation re-era. Niecy Nash wore gloves with a gorgeous and fabulous accent at the top of them to the Emmys, proving you don’t have to go simple with your gloves they can have an extra pop for an ultra glam look.

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Seeing RED 

We saw the origins of the trend with our collective fascination with cherry tones this winter, but bright red tends to be a staple for any red carpet look and it is shaping up to be the season’s daring pick. From Suki Waterhouse’s drop dead gorgeous midi dress at the Emmys to Dua Lipa’s rocking new hair shade, RED is thee color of awards season. We get it! We love this color for its unapologetic energy we want to see in 2024. Though the stars have been strutting the carpet in this color, consider adding red through a single item of clothing for a special pop.  

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Boundary-less Bedazzle

One of the best red carpet fashion looks we’ve seen is the bold bedazzled statements. From sequins to intricate beadwork and crystal details, bedazzled looks are the epitome of red carpet fashion. They’re a spectacle, a symbol of opulence and classed-up camp that the entertainment industry carves its niche in. This trend has been a long-time coming, and in 2024 we’re finally seeing it reach a head. Olivia Rodrigo’s eye-catching Grammys look is the perfect example of bedazzled done right, with intricate and subtle red beads and sheer sequins in a dazzling vintage floor-length Versace frock.  On the other end, we saw Miley Cyrus make waves in a bold gown composed entirely on 14,000 gold safety pins and a Farah Fawcett-esque hairdo. The metallic gown seemed to draw inspiration from Egyptian deities and 1920s flapper culture, with the pins adding a sparkle to every step. An easy way to do this is accessorizing, and chunky metal jewelry to finish off an outfit is a great introduction. Look out for pieces with buckles and unconventional detailing to really channel the essence of this trend.

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Rosettes, Bows & More

We saw a sharp resurgence in bows during last year’s holiday season, and they’re here to stay as one of the best red carpet looks.  We love that the stars like Janelle Monáe wrapped up their perfect looks with a bow placed here or a rosette there. Madison Beer’s swoon-worthy Grammys look was our favorite of the night. The star wore an elegant monochrome Marmar Halim gown with a semi-sweetheart neckline, cinched with a simple bow. Boygenius showed us how to do not-so-subtle rosettes, with pale and peachy pink floral appliqués serving as the perfect eye-catching addition to their coordinated black and white Thom Browne suits. You can channel subtle balletcore vibes with accessories featuring a smaller, subtle bow or rosette on an outfit or in your hair. We love scrunchies for ease.  

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Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats have fast become a fashion trend on the carpet ( thanks Beyonce!). These iconic headpieces evoke a sense of rugged individualism and adventure, resonating with a generation eager to embrace their wild spirit. We love topping off a look with a hat, and a cowboy hat is a versatile way to effortlessly bring together an #OOTD. Celebrities and influencers alike are catching on quickly to this trend and have made cowboy hats become more than just a piece of headwear—they’re a statement of style and attitude in 2024.


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