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All the “Feels” at LuluLemon’s Sensory Soiree


“Lulu” connoisseurs, global athletes, influencers, and Lululemon ambassadors gathered together to experience, first hand, Lululemon’s new direction of health and well being through Feel. One phrase, stated by Global Ambassador Manoj Dias during the event’s interactive breath meditation that captures the theme of the evening and the campaign is, “You deserve to rest. You deserve to feel.” We have the full scoop!


In a world filled with so much chaos and uncertainty, Lululemon took their values of “being well” sincerely, with a fully immersive and sensory experience to celebrate the launch of their Luluemon: Feel campaign . Gathered underneath dusked-sky and city scape views, the celebration took place at Skylight ROW DTLA.


Lululemon’s new line of athletic wear is fashionable (Editor in Chief, Erika De La Cruz already owns a full set for fall,) while remaining functional. The collection boasts lightweight, supportive & breathable fabric with quick drying material. At the  center of the celebration, were beautiful multi-sensorial rooms that highlighted the different functions and feel of the new line. A breath meditation session, followed by a HIIT work out, held by global ambassadors, Manoj Dias and Ingrid Clay,  left attendees feeling at peace and alive. Finally, a serenade by Maria Isabell concluded the evening and actually left participants with every single FEEL (which we think was the goal!) “It was amazing to see everyone participating and deeply engaging, while being in sync with one another and themselves. The music was poppin’ with DJ Orange Calderon playing hit after hit. The entire crowd was ready to feel good.” – Maya Gillette, Digital Media lead at The LA Girl.


This event encouraged Lululemon’s audience to get back to the foundation of health and well being, through feeling. It is easy to be caught up in the craziness of day to day routine and end our weeks with a cocktail or Netflix, but Lululemon allowed  attendees to take a step back, breathe, and center themselves. After the sessions, participants called it healing, powerful, emotional, and freeing. I even witnessed one participant wipe away tears during the breathing meditation. – Maya Gillette, Digital Media lead at The LA Girl.

For more about the campaign, check out the trailer HERE.