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9 Best Places To Take Kids Trick-Or-Treating Los Angeles

Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat!” That’s what you’re about to hear all the kids saying once the 31st of October rolls around. You might be taking your own children, or siblings, or maybe even cousins, but trick-or-treating is the key to a child’s best Halloween. You’ve already helped them pick out the best costume whether it was Little Mermaid or Black Panther, and now they are ready to go beg for some candy with those cute little faces of theirs. There’s a few things you want when picking a place to take young ones trick-or-treating and that’s safety, fun and of course plenty of candy! Here are the 9 best places to take kids trick-or-treating.

South Pasadena

You can trick or treat down almost any street in the South Pasadena area, which just means there’s a LOT of options! But the coolest thing about this neighborhood and something the neighbors themselves take pride in is that the original house from the movie Halloween is there. Streets like Mission or Montrose have handed out over 700 pieces of candy in past years, so expect a very sugary night! 


Another can’t go wrong neighborhood is Brentwood! There’s trick-or-treating all over the area but be sure to stop by Brentwood Country Mart, as it is extremely decorated for Halloween. Also make sure to stop by the Crescenda block to see a decked out Halloween street like no other! It’s definitely one of the 9 best places to take kids trick-or-treating!

Sherwood Forest 

Muggles and wizards alike will enjoy Sherwood Forest. Harry Potter lovers can find a castle resembling one straight out of Hogwarts, going as far as even having gargoyles! Plus there’s even a house with a haunted maze on the front lawn! All this fun can be found near the Valley Performing Arts Center. 

Pacific Palisades

Head to Pali, better known as the Pacific Palisades to see some amazingly decorated houses in the North Village to be exact. The area is 100% trick-or-treat friendly and there’s a bonus! The streets are in alphabetical order, so you’ll be able to find your way back to your car a bit easier. 

Venice Beach

Get your spooky night started on Dell and Venice Boulevard and follow the canals of Venice! This city goes ALL out for Halloween! They’ve got festive decorations, glowing pumpkins and home owners passing out candy in costume. It’s definitely a great and sought after spot to trick or treat so get there early to find good parking!

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, of course, has the goods. Full. Size. CANDY BARS. Whether or not every house really gives out full size candy bars every year, there is a favorite street called Walden Drive. The perfectly pristine houses are covered in spooky and ghostly decorations. They all lead up to one place named the  “Beverly Hills Witches House.” Rightfully named just because the cottage looks like something out of a haunting fairytale, surrounded by curling trees and an old fence. You won’t want to miss it because it’s for sure one of the 9 best places to take kids trick-or-treating!

Redondo Beach

Halloween by the beach?! Yep! Redondo Beach’s Riviera Village is the perfect spot to grab a bite and then take your little ones trick-or-treating around the core 6 blocks of the neighborhood. Plus there are about 300 shops that also give out candy so if you get out there for the time frame of 4:00pm to 6:00pm, the children will be very happy and most likely very hyper! 

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is known for being rather chic, so it may not be the first place to pop into your mind to go trick-or-treating but families do gather here by the tons! The annual Halloween Hop is from 3:00pm to 6:00pm and creates a cute and safe environment for the kiddos to get candy from the shops. But if they haven’t had enough? There’s also 10 more blocks of houses that they can go trick-or-treating at and enjoy a nice ocean breeze! 

Angelino Heights

Angelino Heights comes into play due to it’s beautiful Victorian houses. They are already dark, mysterious and then add more spooky decorations and you’ve got quite the Halloween destination. Carroll Avenue is a big hit and is also known as the Haunted District, so that’s a must see for you and the kiddos. Just follow the beautiful streets as they wind through a rather antique LA neighborhood for quite the Halloween experience! 

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