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10 Best Places To Get Halloween Costumes in LA

Scavenging for costume ideas? Or maybe you and your friends are dressing up as Stranger Things and you need to get an Eleven costume together! Whatever you decide, Halloween is fast approaching and you need to get that costume together! You could shop online, but half the fun of Halloween costume shopping is that occasional moment where you come across the perfect piece or a completely unthought of idea! Here are the 10 best places to get Halloween costumes in LA.

American Rebel- Melrose/West Hollywood

Located on Melrose ave in West Hollywood, American Rebel Society is the perfect last-minute costume store to try! Think: Vintage and costume combined. The side walk outside their store front has rows and rows of women & mens outfits, garbs, dresses and more- furs/flappers-pick your era, they’ve got it. Inside, they have plenty of accessories and more standard halloween costumes to choose from. 

Halloween Town Costumes – Burbank

Get ready for the trifecta of Halloween Town Costumes! Located in Burbank and just 6 doors away from each other you’ll find Halloween Town Original, Halloween Town Costumes, and Halloween Town Kids. Best part is that the stores are designed to feel like an actual haunted house, so your shopping experience can be full of fright! Don’t miss this one, it’s for sure one of the best places to get a halloween costume in LA. 

Hollywood Toys & Costumes – Hollywood

For over 50 years, this shop on Hollywood Boulevard has worked with movie studios in need of anything from props and wigs to masks and more! You can search through the Hollywood Toys & Costumes collection, plus there are adult and children’s costumes, make-up and even collectibles!

Aahs – West Hollywood

Have you seen the 7 foot spider lurking in West Hollywood? Yep, that’s Aahs! You can find anything from a Wonder Woman costume to fog machines for you party, so the variety is endless. Plus they also have additional locations in Encino, Santa Monica, and Westwood! 

Ursula’s Costumes – Santa Monica

Don’t worry, Ursula’s Costumes won’t steal your voice when you walk in the door, but it might steal your costume loving heart. They have costume rentals and sales and tend to carry lots of fancy gowns and masquerade themed accessories. So you can get an outfit fit for a queen! 

Adele’s of Hollywood – Los Feliz

Around since the 40s, Adele’s of Hollywood is a family-owned costume store that’s ready to sell it’s wares to Halloween goers and actors alike. Most of the costumes are available for rent, but there are some for sale as well. 

Robinson Beautilities – Mar Vista

Robinson Beautilities have a wide range of Halloween costumes, but most important ones to note would be the handmade Michael Jackson and Star Wars costumes! And may sound crazy, but they sell lots of wigs, apparently one every 10 minutes!

Hidden Treasures – Topanga

Hidden Treasures is really a hidden gem that makes you feel like you walked into a tiki style mixed with retro and all kinds of other vibes. They have old school varsity jackets, 80’s clothing, perfect for that Stranger Things outfit you’re planning, and more! And if you’re in the mood for some more shopping their vintage section is awesome and mostly under $30. 

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Spirit Halloween Stores

Located everywhere computers are and most cities too, Spirit Halloween store would be your best bet for more standard looks, or costumed from this year’s block buster favorites. See what you can find, have it delivered or visit a store near you.