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5 Iconic Places to Eat in Chinatown LA

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Los Angeles’s Chinatown is full of delicious treats, savory snacks, and unexpected delights. If you’re a frequent visitor, we’ve got some suggestions that will tantalize your tastebuds. Or, if this is your first time visiting LA’s historic Chinatown, we’ve listed some of the best places and best foods to try first in this iconic town. 

Pro Tip: Chinatown is a casual dining experience. Reservations are never likely needed and customer turnover is quick. But no rush!

There’s a little something for everyone in Chinatown. But it helps to do your homework before you go!. Lucky for you, we already did some! Here are 5 places & 5 can’t-miss foods you (most likely) can’t find anywhere else.

1. Stuffed Peppers @ Majordōmo (1725 Naud St., Los Angeles)

Majordōmo is an excellent restaurant for fans of Korean cuisine, but it can appeal to just about anyone. Its menu is diverse enough to catch the attention of all palates by offering different meats, such as fish and beef, and sweet items like rice pudding and pavlova. You can start with a dish you’re familiar with then work your way to more of the unique dishes. In time, you’ll want to try the entire menu!

Everything is delicious at Majordōmo, but one of the best dishes is the stuffed peppers. Their version is unlike any other traditional stuffed peppers. The peppers are fried tempura-style, leaving a light crust that only adds to the flavor. They’re also stuffed full of Benton’s sack sausage and served with a side of ranch. They work great as a snack or appetizer — or you could even order a ton of them and make them a meal. 

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2. French-Dipped Sandwich @ Philippe’s (1001 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles)

Considered the best sandwich in L.A., Philippe’s French Dipped sandwich  makes it on the list of the best foods in Chinatown (or on the edge of Chinatown). The dip is made with various types of meats, including lamb, turkey, ham and more. The sides, like coleslaw or homemade potato salad, will have you coming back to try every combination available.

The most unique thing about Philippe’s is that the restaurant has been in business for over a century. The 110-year-old establishment also offers more than just sandwiches. If you don’t find yourself in the mood for a French dip, you can try something else on the menu, like the variety of salads and soups. Plus, on the way out, you can pick up your favorite novelty candy from their huge selection.

3. Almond Cookies @ Phoenix Bakery (969 N. Broadway, Los Angeles)

Got a sweet tooth? Phoenix Bakery‘s almond cookies will satisfy that craving! It’s one of the most popular baked goods for a reason. Their light and delectable flavor is what keeps people coming to this store for generations. Phoenix Bakery has been family-owned and operated since 1938. Perhaps the item that made this shop famous was the strawberry whipped cream cake, but you can enjoy an assortment of sweets in this bakery, even their famous sugar butterflies! Travelers can even get the famous cookies shipped to their homes nationwide.

Courtesy of Phoenix Bakery/Instagram

Pro Tip: Check in on Yelp, write a review and you’ll receive one of their famous cookies for free!

4. Crawfish Mac n’ Cheese @ The Little Jewel of New Orleans (207 Ord Street, Los Angeles)

East meets West here at The Little Jewel of New Orleans! There is nothing like their crawfish mac n’ cheese. It truly is one of the most mouthwatering dishes . This recipe includes house-made Mornay sauce and for just $2 more, you can upgrade this dish to its deluxe form, which includes shrimp and house-made sausage.

The Little Jewel of New Orleans brings a taste of authentic Southern charm to Los Angeles. It’s also a jewel in Chinatown, as it offers an array of delectable dishes that visitors and residents alike should strive to try. This restaurant makes sausages in-house due to its dedication to an authentic New Orleans experience. It’s a great place for familiar Louisiana favorites as well as some rarer items.

5. Chicken Inasal @ Lasita (727 N. Broadway #120, Los Angeles)

Chicken lovers will rejoice when they try this dish. The poultry has been marinated, brined, stuffed, has a crisp tenderness that bursts with delicious flavors like lemongrass, garlic, ginger and onion. The golden-brown crust of the chicken almost gives off the same sunny warmth as the restaurant itself.


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Lasita features contemporary Filipino flavor. It was formerly known as Lasa but re-opened during the COVID-19 pandemic under it’s new name. Now, it’s a bright, sunny restaurant with inviting colors and a tasty menu. Though it went through a little drama when one of the former owners split, Lasita is more determined than ever to create a delicious environment for everyone.


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