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7 Healthy Habits to Bring into the New Year

It’s crazy to think that we’ll be ringing in 2023 in a few short weeks. Especially when the past three years have felt like a rollercoaster. Before you know it, our feeds will be filled with “New Year, New Me!” posts. Although it seems cheesy and cliche, there is something to be said about starting the new year off with some positive changes.

People believe that the new year is the time to set life-changing goals, but that’s a recipe for disaster. It’s more productive to start out with small, healthy habits that will set you on the path to the bigger changes you want to make. You have to walk before you can run, right? Here are 7 healthy habits to bring into the New Year!


Taking 5 – 10 minutes of your day to sit with your thoughts can make a huge difference in your life. Some benefits of meditation include improved stress management, less anxiety, and better sleep, per The Mayo Clinic.

Meditation is easier and more accessible than ever, with apps like Calm, Headspace, and Insight Timer to help guide you through the practice.

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Reading Before Bed

Most of us like to mindlessly scroll through TikTok videos before bed (myself included), but studies have shown that the light from our phone and tablet screens actually interferes with our ability to fall asleep. Reading before bed is a much better way to wind down.

WebMD says reading before bed can relieve stress, improve critical thinking, and improve sleep quality, among other things. And you don’t have to read an entire novel each night either – 20 minutes will do.

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Going for Walks

We’re lucky enough to live in LA, where 50° is considered winter weather, so we should take advantage of the fact that we can be outside year-round. We know Los Angeles isn’t considered a walking city like New York, but we can still take 15 – 20 minutes a day to walk around our neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air.

One of my highlights of the day is taking a walk while listening to a podcast during my lunch break. It can even be as simple as walking to your neighborhood coffee shop instead of driving there.

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Learning a DIY Skill

As we mentioned earlier, we always have our heads in our phones, which isn’t the best thing for us. This year, The LA Girl Contributor, Diana, got back into one of her favorite DIY hobbies, cross-stitching, which is an art form that uses x-shaped stitches to create art. It’s relaxing, gives her a break from staring at screens, keeps her brain occupied, and helps her feel confident and accomplished.

There are so many DIY skills to learn, like knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. You never know what hidden talents you’ll uncover!

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Becoming Financially Literate

We’d be lying if we said we completely understood the best way to save and invest our money. But, that’s why we think becoming financially literate is a great habit to bring into 2023. We all felt the effects of inflation this year, especially in California, where everything is already expensive.

Part of “adulting” is being smart about your finances, and luckily there are several resources like podcasts, online courses, and financial advisors to make it easier to learn.

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Finding a Workout Routine You Actually Enjoy

New Years is one of the busiest times of year for the fitness industry since weight loss and getting in shape are some of the most popular New Years’ Resolutions. But, a lot of people end up giving up on their fitness goals because they don’t enjoy their workouts. This leads to a lot of wasted money on gym memberships and no results.

If you’re looking to start a fitness routine in the New Year, try finding a workout routine you actually enjoy. You’re more likely to stick to your fitness goals when you’re excited to workout. Los Angeles is home to so many different workout classes, like boxing, barre, pole, CrossFit, and more. Some gyms and exercise classes offer discounted packages for the New Year, making it a good opportunity to dip your toe into different workouts and find one you love.

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Meal Prep

Cooking is the last thing you want to do after a long day of work and sitting in traffic on the 405. The easiest thing to do is to reach for your phone and order delivery, but it’s not the healthiest thing to do, and it can get pricey.

Taking the time to meal prep a week’s worth of food on a weekend is life-changing. You’ll feel relieved to have one less thing to do after work, and you can focus your evenings on more important things, like catching up on reality tv. Your wallet will also thank you.

Remember, whether you try to implement any of these habits or something else for the New Year, take it slow. And don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up. It’s about progress – not perfection!

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