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7 Awesome Ways to Furnish Your New LA Apartment

How to Furnish Your LA Apartment

You did it – you packed everything up and made the big move to LA. Welcome! You’re going to love it. When you’re new to a big city all alone in an empty apartment, it can feel pretty lonely at first. Get out of the house and learn the best way to showcase your style with these seven ways to furnish your LA apartment.

1. Get inspired

Before your move (or on the plane on the way to LA), save photos and inspiration of how you want your apartment to look. Coordinate with your roommate (if you have one) to see what is being brought into the new apartment and take note of any holes you’ll need to fill. Any excuse to make a vision board, right?

2. Upcycle furniture

It can be tempting to drop tons of cash on big pieces like your dining room table or dresser. Instead of shelling out the big bucks, look for second hand pieces that are in good condition. With a coat of paint and some new hardware, you can make old furniture look brand new again.

3. Thrift for accent pieces

LA is home to tons of funky thrift shops and flea markets where you can find hidden treasures and unique accent pieces. Explore the aisles for unique art or accent pieces that showcase your style – no one will know that you decorated on a budget.

Thrift Store


4. Focus on multipurpose items

Why spend money on bookshelves AND a bed frame when you could get both in one? Keep an eye out for items that offer multiple uses to save space in your apartment, time searching for the perfect piece, and money.

5. Explore Ikea

If you’ve just made a big move, you’ve got enough on your plate than to search for furnishings! Ikea is a great option for things you may not want to purchase used (e.g. anything that can’t be cleaned with Lysol) but don’t want to spend a ton of money on. Grab a sofa, throw pillows, a cute headboard and get to building (it’s not that hard, I promise). Don’t forget to treat yourself to some famous Ikea meatballs afterwards for a job well done.

Desk furniture

6. Shell out for the big stuff

There are some things you not only want to buy new, but may want to drop a decent chunk of change on. Your mattress is a great example as it is something that will define your quality of sleep and be in your life for years. Purchase these high-cost items sparingly and make sure you can answer ‘yes’ to these three questions: Will I use it for years? Can I safely buy this secondhand? Is it necessary for my life? In investing wisely in furniture that combines functionality with comfort, you might want to consider the value of incorporating a comfortable ottoman bed into your bedroom. These beds offer an innovative solution for small apartments, providing a restful night’s sleep and a hidden storage space for maximizing your living area. The convenience of having an extra storage compartment cannot be overstated, especially in apartments where space is at a premium. By choosing a high-quality ottoman bed, you add to your living space’s aesthetics and practicality, keeping your home organized and welcoming.

7. Organize Your Life

As you’re building your new life, it’s important to keep organized to preserve your sanity and important belongings. When you furnish your apartment, don’t forget about things like storage boxes, utensil organizers, and file folders to keep your important items safe and secure. Step one of adulting: knowing where your insurance papers are at all times!

Yes – now the hard part is done! Time to blow off some steam at one of these crazy LA bars with hidden entrances.