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8 Craziest Bars with Hidden Entrances in LA

When you come to Los Angeles you’ll quickly learn that things are not often what they seem. The boy you met on Bumble might not actually be a famous movie producer, traffic is not as glamorous as La La Land made it seem, and sometimes a refrigerator is a door to something a lot more fun than just leftovers. Your next night out could use a dose of mystery and adventure, so try and find these Los Angeles bars with secret entrances…if you dare.

Blind Barber

It may look like your average barber shop, but tucked in the back of the Blind Barber is a backroom with drinks and bites. Getting a haircut and a drink all in one stop? That sounds like a productive night out!

No Vacancy

Have you ever wanted to party with The Great Gatsby? No Vacancy is about as close to a raucous 1920s soiree as you can get without a time machine. Find the doorman at the historic Janes house to get through the front door. Finding the bar is up to you.

Lock and Key

Koreatown’s Lock and Key prides itself in its talented mixologists and creative drinks. These awesome drinks aren’t available for just anyone – you have to explore a wall full of doorknobs to discover which one will allow you in.

Lock and Key

Madame Siam

Behind a curious wall of gum ball machines lies a sideshow emporium of mystery and magic. Step into an underground carnival with old-school games like the beanbag toss and shoot-the-can before sipping on a delicious cocktail at Hollywood’s newest pop-up Madame Siam.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is the 70s beach house of your dreams. Nibble on a boozy snow cone as you meander from room to room, listening to live music or hanging out in the backyard. To get into this groovy pad, find the alleyway with things you might find in a garage and take a closer look at the fridge.

Good Times at Davey Wayne's Entrance

Adults Only

Find a room filled with naughty VHS tapes and keep going behind the curtain to enter Adults Only – a scandalous dive bar and screening room. Adults Only is a perfectly un-pretentious place to sip your drink and have fun with a group of friends.

R Bar

All those days making pillow forts and only letting friends with the password in were preparing you to visit R-Bar. To get inside where the karaoke and live music awaits, you’ll need to know the passcode du jour. Insider secret: check out their Facebook page for details on how to enter.

Pacific Seas

Celebrate the Golden Age of travel at DTLA’s Pacific Seas! I can’t resist a good theme, and this island hideaway is nothing short of spectacular. Trade a DJ booth for an actual wooden ship, your standard vodka soda for a Singapore Sling, and you’re in heaven. Find the hidden staircase in Clifton’s Cafeteria to be whisked away to paradise.

Pacific Seas Bar

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