Guide to LA

6 Things You Learn After Living in LA for a Year

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Sometimes living in Los Angeles feels like living on a different planet. Drive a few miles west of Rodeo Drive, one of the world’s most expensive shopping locations, and suddenly you’re at the beach. Take a right turn out of Koreatown and suddenly you’re at Staples Center! When you first arrive, you may feel overwhelmed and lost. You’re sure to become familiar with these things you learn in LA after your first year living here.

Your Car Becomes Your Best Friend

The old stereotype of horrendous LA traffic is true – the city was designed with a much smaller population in mind so the streets can’t handle the amount of cars on the road very easily. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the car, so it’s best to stock up on the essentials. Keep a makeup bag, hand sanitizer, snacks, and chargers on hand. You never know when an impromptu date or audition might pop up and you don’t have time to run home!

“Let’s Do Lunch” is Code

At a networking event and someone asks to grab lunch with you? They may have the best of intentions, but that lunch will go the way of Vero – it’s not happening.

“Lets Grab Coffee” is Also Code

You may be thinking “If people say ‘let’s so lunch’ and don’t mean it, wouldn’t that apply to coffee too? Nope! Angelenos LOVE their lattes, and coffee meetings are common. Coffee is relatively cheap, Instagrammable, and is a great excuse to get out of the office and sit on a cute patio.

Life is Very Expensive

California is a very expensive state to live in. High taxes, rent prices, and gas prices can sneak up on you, so it’s important to budget. Talk to your employer about your retirement saving options and avoid blowing your entire paycheck at Nobu.

Movie Stars Walking Up Your Street Becomes Commonplace

Everybody remembers their first celebrity sighting – you finally feel like you’re in Hollywood! There will often be film shoots on your street (you’ll know it’s happening because they’ll leave a film notice on your mailbox) and eventually they become commonplace. Ugh, Emma Stone your film shoot is going to make me late to work!

There’s Nowhere You’d Rather Be

Out-of-towners love to gripe about the traffic, the smog, the abundance of actors, but they never seem to mention all of the amazing things that LA has to offer. Incredible cuisine, culture, the film industry, beaches, classes, concerts, sports, and so many other things are all within your reach – go out and shine, LA girl!


If you’re new to Los Angeles, download these seven essential apps to feel like a native Angeleno in no time!