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7 Must-Have Apps Every LA Girl Should Download

Must have apps: girl on phone

These days it seems that our phones are permanently glued to our hands. While it’s a good idea to take a break from screens every once in a while, there are apps that can make living in Los Angeles just a little bit easier. Here are 7 must-have apps every LA girl should download!

Movie Pass

Movie Pass is a cool new app where you pay about $10 a month and get to attend unlimited movies in certain locations around Los Angeles. The downside is that you can’t reserve your seat ahead of time and have to be near the theatre to check in. Use the app one time and it has already paid for itself!


Sometimes you just can’t bear the after work traffic to get your Shake Shack fix. Enter: GrubHub! Order your food and have it appear at your door one episode of the Office later.


With Coachella just around the corner, the Coachella app is a great way to keep track of artists you want to see. At the actual event you’ll link your pass to your phone for easy entry.


If LA’s notorious traffic makes your two mile commute longer and longer each day, it’s time to download Waze. Find the fastest route, be alerted to police traps, and skirt hazards with this easy-to-use app.


Prepay for a parking spot to alleviate the stress of searching for a spot before your next meeting with the SpotHero app!


For those who are recent LA transplants, you’ll soon learn that a ride share app is an LA essential. No dealing with parking, carrying cash for cab fare, or trying to convince your roommate to give you a ride to the airport.

Farmer’s Market Finder

Sunday mornings are for buying a fresh basil plant alongside celebrities trying to be incognito and people getting fresh air with their dogs. Find a farmer’s market near you with the Farmer’s Market Finder App!

Since you’re on an organizational roll, how about upping your productivity next?