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5 Ways to Give Back in LA this Holiday Season

Did you know Tuesday, November 29th, is Giving Tuesday? This special holiday always falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day, and is a global generosity movement where everyone can take a stand to give back to the community or an organization they admire! The LA Girl knows how important this day is and wants to shed light on 5 special ways to give back all season long.

1. Send an “empowHERment” card for Free & Benefit will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood

Starting on Giving Tuesday, November 29th, Benefit Cosmetics is kicking off the EmpowHERment Post! They are inviting each and every one of us to fill out a FREE card and send it to someone who empowers us. For each card that is sent, Benefit Cosmetics will be donating $5 to their partner, Planned Parenthood, to allow them to continue to provide healthcare services, sex education, and resources to those who are in need. Join Benefit Cosmetics to help raise money for a great cause while also sending love to the person who empowers you most!

2. Do Something Special For Yourself or a Friend

When talking about giving back, many times, people think it has to be to people we don’t know or organizations that need our help. Although yes, that is a very important thing to do (& is so amazing!), sometimes giving back to yourself or a friend in your life is important, too! Take time throughout your day to write yourself a special note, drop off flowers to a friend, or have a self-care day to promote giving back to yourself. The holidays can be hard, so remember to take care of yourself and the special people in your life. Not only does physical health matter, but mental health is just as important to live a healthy, happy life.

3. Donate to an Organization You Admire

There are many ways to donate to an organization you admire. Not only can you donate money, but you can also contribute by donating clothes, canned food, money, and children’s toys; the list is endless. Find an organization that resonates with your own story or one that truly stands out for what you believe in, and donate whatever it is that you can. Gather together clothes that don’t fit, extra cans in your pantry, or anything else that may be a fit, and send them to organizations that rely on donations to help support their cause.

Clothes – Donate Here

Can Drive – Donate Here 

Children’s Toys – Donate Here

Goods & Services for Animals – Donate Here

4. Build a Shoebox with Operation Christmas Child

Samaritan’s Purse is an organization that puts on Operation Christmas Child every year during the holidays to ensure that children around the world, specifically in the hardest-to-reach areas, receive toys and essential goods during the holiday season. These shoeboxes can be filled in person, or you can design one online; either way, a child will get it as a present this holiday season. Visit their website online and choose a girl or boy, an age range, and then you can begin filling the box with goodies for children in need. The box is worth $25 and can be filled with essential items (toothbrush, soap, pencils, etc.), toys (stuffed animals, bouncy balls, etc.), and accessories (calculator, crayons, socks, & more!), and will be delivered to children all around the world.

5. Volunteer at a Local Organization

Giving your services to a local or global organization is such a fantastic and admirable way to give back. No matter what city you’re in, there is an organization, shelter, or nearby community center that would love your hands on deck for a few hours of support. For more help finding an organization near you, check out Where to Volunteer in Los Angeles to be inspired by these life-changing communities of people willing to lend a helping hand. Now it’s your turn to give yours!

Happy Giving Tuesday! The LA Girl thanks you for participating in this day and admires you for giving a hand where a hand is needed.