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5 Must-Try Tips to Help Grow your Hair & Nails

Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, your hair and nails seem so fragile! The worst feeling ever has to be when you get fresh nails done, and a few days later, one breaks off… Or better yet, when you just get your hair balayaged and see your hair breakage left and right. Because everyone in LA is so in love with health and wellness, we thought it was important to talk about our hair and nail health, too! The LA Girl is coming to you live with 5 Tips to Help Grow your Hair & Nails! #itgirl

1. Give Your Nails a Salon Break – Try Chillhouse Press Ons

We know, we’ve all been told to take a break from the nail salon, but having bare nails seems like a ridiculous concept! Lucky for us, skipping out on the nail salon doesn’t necessarily mean our nails have to be bare. Here at The LA Girl, trendy and seasonal nail art is kind of our jam, and with Chillhouse Tips Press Ons, we get to stay chic while still doing a favor to our nails. Between checkered print, festive colors, and a simple french tip, there is sure to be a color or design for everyone. Ditch the nail drills and chemicals, and say hello to chic nails.

P.S., Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they are non-toxic, too.

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2. A Scoop of GoBiotix Collagen Powder Daily

If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your nail and hair’s “health,” collagen powder is the right move in that direction. In the morning, as everyone is getting in their cup of greens, throwing in one scoop of collagen powder is an easy addition that can be super beneficial. GoBiotix Collagen Peptides Powder is filled with all of the good stuff like Iron, Biotin, and Calcium without all of the junk that tons of other products have. It is also unflavored, so our favorite LA Girl tip is putting a scoop into your breakfast smoothie or juice (Fun Fact: You won’t even notice it’s in there!). The major benefits of collagen include supporting nails to make them less brittle and helping hair to grow thicker and fuller, two things that we are dying to have a little more of in our lives!

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3. Upgrade Your Current Hair Routine – Ceremonia Clean Products

Finding a new routine (whether it’s for your hair, skin, or even working out) can be such a fun change in your life! The LA Girl has a major love for Ceremonia, a clean haircare brand rooted in Latinx Heritage, founded by Babba Rivera, who our Editor-in-Chief absolutely adores. It can be so hard going through the rows at Sephora looking for a product that is right for you and your hair type, but with Ceremonia, they actually provide an online quiz that allows you to narrow products down and find a routine that is right for YOU. Depending on your hair concerns, hair type, and a few hair descriptions, they will produce some extra hair TCL that will help boost your hair’s health. You can thank us later! 

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4. Use Nail Magic Nail Hardener & Conditioner 

LA Girl’s Chief of Operations, Priscilla Presley, can’t get enough of this go-to nail product! Nail Magic’s Nail Hardener & Conditioner works as a base coat, top coat, and clear coat and helps repair weak, brittle nails in just weeks; Priscilla is a testimony! This girl has the most gorgeous long nails, and there is no gatekeeping at The LA Girl. Thank you, Priscilla, for spilling your tips and secrets so we can up our nail game, too. 

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5. Find Your Go-To Cuticle Oil and Hair Mask

The trial-and-error process of finding products that work for you and your needs can be tough and annoying. Most of the time, it feels like you’re just wasting money without getting the result you want to see. There are so many brands out there; it’s about finding one that works and has a vision that you support because, at the end of the day, that’s where your money is going. Cuticle Oils and Hair Masks are two must-buy products that help support your nails and hair and provide it with that extra TCL that they are longing for. Show your hair and nails the type of love you show others by supporting and nourishing them! 😉 

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