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5 Fitness Trends Every LA Girl Must Try This Year

Fitness Trends: At the beginning of each year, we are all thinking about our resolutions. With fitness on top of everyone’s list, we all want to know – “What are the 5 biggest fitness trends this year?”

1. Bodyweight Training
This back-to-basics approach includes planks, push-ups, squats, and lunges. It’s low-cost, requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere. Check out this article by Shape that gives you a variety of ways to make this workout fun.

Fitness Trends: Strength Training

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2. Strength Training
Adding this to your workouts is said to improve overall mood and memory. Here’s a guide from that walks you through different exercises.

Fitness Trends: Yoga on Demand

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3. Yoga on Demand
It’s no surprise that yoga is still one of the most popular fitness trends, but with everyone’s hectic schedule-  it helps to be able to do it on your own clock. Check out Yogaglo, where you can take yoga classes at home for only $18 a month. Not only does it help with flexibility and posture, it also balances the body and the mind.

4. Group Personal Training
Not everyone can afford a private personal trainer, so many are teaming up to do group personal training to relieve the strain on the wallet. Check out Real Hollywood Trainer run by Dulcinea Lee Hellings with reasonable session prices and she even has free workout videos online!

5. Personalized Fitness
As we get older, we may need different fitness routines tailored to our age. Many have just started to incorporate daily exercise into their schedules and though it can be done at any age, older people may have difficulty starting with something that’s not friendly to beginners. Check out Thumbtack for a list of personal trainers in the LA area to get started.

So whatever fitness trends you choose to try this year, keep in mind that exercise is necessary for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Stick to it and incorporate it into your routine to get the most out of your workout. Are you going to be trying anything new this year? Comment below!