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6 Best Motivational Documentaries & Series to Watch Today

What’s the easiest, most entertaining way to motivate yourself? 

WATCH A MOVIE. Or better yet, a documentary about a real deal legend! Pro Tip: You can have up to 3 accounts (sometimes 5) on one streaming platform. That’s right, ask your friends, family members or strangers who ask if you’ve seen something, to share their logins so you can create a profile under their account. 😉 

1. The Last Dance

Our Favorite Quote: “That’s the sign of a good man, if you can talk shit when it’s even score or talk shit when you’re behind score. When you’re ahead, it’s easy to talk.” — Michael Jordan

What better way to get motivated than watching a documentary about household NBA legend Michael Jordan? While the film does explore the entirety of his journey from the private crevices of his social and family life to what he’s up to today, The Last Dance also delves into the egotistical side of the NBA business and its effects on everyone associated with the Chicago Bulls team.


2. Disney’s Imagineering Story

Our Favorite Quote: “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” — Walt Disney

Attention all creatives! This documentary is for you. Emotional, compelling, and refreshing is exactly what you’ll feel after learning how Walt Disney brought Disneyland to life. You’ll discover how he led a group of artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to build Disneyland, even when the City Council was against his ideas, and even after his death. The Imagineering Story blares the message that knowledge is close to nothing without imagination and sharing that value with others.


3. Maiden

Our Favorite Quote: “The injustice of being told I couldn’t do it propelled me forward.” — Tracy Edwards

In 1989 to 1990, one of the world’s first pioneering female sailors led the first all-female crew to participate in The Whitbread Round the World yacht race. In Maiden, Edwards endures and defies male criticism both in-person and through the media as she gathers a team of 12 women to navigate 32,000 miles of open sea and life-threatening 50-foot waves to the finish line.


4. Stutz

Our Favorite Quote: “The thing is if you wanna move forward, you can’t move forward without being vulnerable.” — Phil Stutz 

What we love about Jonah Hill’s powerful documentary, “Stutz”, is that it emphasizes how serious mental health is! Because mental health is not just a trend. In a raw conversation, Hill connects with renowned psychiatrist and his own therapist, Phil Stutz, to explore his “tools” on dealing with trauma and anxiety.


Courtesy of Netflix

5. The Redeem Team

Executive produced by Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, the 90 minute Netflix documentary features an untold story of The Redeem Team (led by Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James), and how they restored America’s reputation by winning gold at Beijing’s 2008 Olympic Games. Get your jerseys and a tissue box ready for the ultimate comeback story.


Courtesy of Netflix

BONUS: Alone

This Bear Grylls-esque survival series has shocked its viewers with its latest ninth season. With nothing but a backpack of supplies and each other, ten brave souls grapple with the realities of isolation and wilderness survival.


Courtesy of The History Channel

Our 2023 Motivational In-Theaters Pick|Women Talking

Our Favorite Quote: “Hope for the unknown is good. It’s better than hatred for the familiar.” — Ona

Trigger warning! This film does contain sexual assault and graphic scenes. Similar to the original 2018 novel, Women Talking centers on the horrific reality of the women inside a remote Mennonite colony in Bolivia. The film explores the minds of these women and their struggle with the possibility of a better life.


Courtesy of PopSugar


Our 2023 Motivational Read Pick|The Light We Carry

Our Favorite Quote: “Being different conditions you toward cautiousness, even as it demands being bold.” — Michelle Obama

The former First Lady and barrier-breaking activist shares her personal stories on change, power, and relationships. Through the lessons that she’s learned in her career and all the kinds of people she has encountered, Michelle Obama preaches that we each possess a unique light that illuminates the lights of others.


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