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5 Best Motivational Documentaries to Watch Today

What’s the easiest, most entertaining way to motivate yourself? 

WATCH A MOVIE. Or better yet, a documentary or series about a real deal legend! Pro Tip: You can have up to 3 accounts (sometimes 5) on one streaming platform. That’s right, ask your friends, family members or strangers who ask if you’ve seen something, to share their logins so you can create a profile under their account. 😉 


1. Michael Jordan, The Last Dance

Discipline & Eating Success For Breakfast: Netflix

2. Disney’s Imagineering Story: 

Evoking Creativity to Leave The Greatest Impact: Disney Plus

3. Maiden

Everything That’s Been Done, Started with One: Amazon Prime

4. 14 Peaks, Nothing is Impossible

Wake up, Work Hard, Repeat, Achieve: Netflix

5. Homecoming:

Everyone has enough time in their day, if Beyonce does: Netflix

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella)


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