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17 Ideas for a New Morning Routine

17 Ideas for a New Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine?

A solid routine, morning or evening, can make a profound impact on your mood, productivity and more, so I am sharign a few ways to build your own day to day routine. Consistency and confidence in our personal lives helps bring those same things out in our public or creative lives. I’m usually most productive when I have a consistent routine (even if its hard.) Changing habits and creating a high quality morning routine tend to make the rest of your day go better. You don’t have to do everything on this list, but incase there is something you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t had time to, now is a good time to create your ideal routine. Let’s get into 17 ideas to help you out:

17 Morning Routine Ideas

  • Devotional/Prayer

  • Workout

  • Take a walk

  • Make Your Favorite Beverage (Coffee, Smoothie, Juice)

  • Journal

  • Create a List of Priorities for the Day (in lieu of a ‘To Do’ list)

  • Water/Talk to your Plants

  • Drink Water

  • Be creative; paint, draw or brain dump

  • Put on an outfit that makes you feel good and confident

  • Make up (if you want)

  • Light your favorite candle

  • Spray your favorite perfume

  • Make breakfast

  • Do a Lip Scrub

  • Do a face mask

  • Check in on or celebrate small accomplishments

My morning consists of: devotional/prayer, a workout, water, a walk with our dog, a shower, prenatals & vitamins, a morning skincare routine and a morning beverage of some sort. Then I check on what my priorities are for the day. If my list isn’t too large, I’ll add things to my routine like deciding to put on make up, do my hair or simply get dressed. Be creative, spray some perfume on, you’re in charge of creating a high quality experience to get yourself up and moving in the morning regardless of any outside circumstances.

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