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6 Things You Only Hear in LA

things you only hear in LA: santa monica pier

Ah, LA. You have a culture and language that’s all your own! If you’re from out of town, you’re bound to hear an Angeleno drop a crazy LA-specific gem before long. You may be confused at first, but eventually you’ll learn the language and maybe even find yourself saying one of these six things you only hear in LA.

“Can I share your Westside rentals login?”

Westside Rentals is hardly glamorous, but every twenty-something desperately searching for a somewhat affordable apartment has used this site to find their next home. There’s a fee to sign up for the site, but splitting with your roommate/friend who just moved/kind strangers is a common way to cut down on costs. More in your budget for splurges at Eataly!

“Just take the 10!”

The 10 and the 405 are some of the most famous roadways in the United States (get out of here, Route 66), mostly because of local’s affinity for referring to them as THE 10 and THE 405. Once you start, it’s impossible to stop!

“Can I get a decaf, soy, gluten free, free-range…”

Here in LA, health is everything. Buying organic, free-range food may seem like a stereotype of snooty LA behavior, but we’re just trying to keep our bodies in tip-top shape!

“It’s 60 degrees and I’m freezing!”

What may be a temperate spring day to other people is an Angeleno’s winter nightmare. When temperatures dip below 70, the jackets come out in LA.

“It’s about a mile away, I’ll be there in 30 minutes”

LA traffic is no joke. Angelenos plan their drives around traffic (4pm-7pm is the absolute worst), and even with the lightest traffic it can take twice longer to get to your destination than it should.

“Have you tried this new cleanse?”

Fad diets are common water cooler talk in LA. Angelenos are on a never-ending quest to rid their body of every last toxin, so no amount of miserable juice cleanses is ever enough. There’s a reason Liquid Juice Bar and Moon Juice are so popular!

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