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Why Seth Rogen, Ryan Seacrest & More, Love Shappy Pretzel

“Never Have I Ever”…attended a Pretzel Pop-Up! This week, The LA Girl team attended a pop-up shop along side celebrities like Netflix’s Jaren Lewison. Hosted by Shappy Pretzels in collaboration with HFC, the pop up took place at the infamous Grove and Americana. Shappy Pretzels is a company created and founded by Adam Shapiro, that started out of his own kitchen. They have monthly collaborations with different causes and charities and this month’s collaboration is with HFC (formally Hilarity For Charity), founded by Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen. HFC’s philanthropy is bringing light to Alzheimer’s, where they donate to forward research for a cure and help families affected by the disease. HFC offers monthly grants that can offer help with at-home care, hospital bills and other support families might need during their tough time. At the Shappy Pretzel Pop-Up, shoppers, fans and supporters gathered around to get a delicious taste of these Philly soft pretzels and support this great cause. We have the full scoop and inside story: 

How it all started.

The LA Girl team chatted with both Adam Shaprio and Katie Lowes about the incredible journey that started Shappy Pretzels. During the Pandemic and with quarantine in full effect, Shapiro (aka Shappy) crafted his own Philly-style pretzel in his kitchen, in Los Angeles…That’s where things took off. While Katie was co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan, Katie and Shappy surprised Ryan Seacrest with their Philly pretzels… he instantly loved them. It was from this that the idea to spread the joy of pretzels through their own business, sparked. Netflix’s Never Have I Ever star, Jaren Lewison, stopped by to have one of the salted Philly pretzels. It is a common trend that anyone that tries these pretzels instantly falls in love with them and we were not immune to that, here at The LA Girl. They feature delicious flavors, from both savory to sweet. A personal favorite was the cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. While they can’t ship out their pretzels yet, you can go on their website and track where and when their next pop-up shop will be. If pretzels aren’t your craving, they do sell merch on their website to support in a different way. 

Why Shappy Pretzel? 

Many families and people are affected by Alzheimer’s, so it is incredible to see our favorite actors and comedians stand together and do what they can to help those in need. If you’d like to find out more about Shappy Pretzels or HFC, we encourage you to check out their website to learn more and find out how you can support these great causes. If you or a loved one is currently affected by Alzheimer’s, you can go on HFC’s website and find out and apply to their different programs and resources. 

Photo’s courtesy of Ali Michelle:

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