Event Recap: Wholly Guacamole #LiveWhollyTour in Los Angeles

Wholly Guacamole LA Winner

On Monday, August, 8, 2016, Wholly Guacamole came to Los Angeles music hotspot, El Cid, for their #LiveWhollyTour Open Mic night! Musical hopefuls performed to win the coveted spot in Los Angeles for a chance to compete in a bigger stage as the final selection is put to a national online vote that starts on August 21. Go to to vote for your favorite!

Congratulations to Vanessa Wheeler from Leo Leo Band, the winner in Los Angeles!

Wholly Guacamole LA Winner

Here are some photos from the event:

Wholly Guacamole at El Cid

Open Mic Night at El Cid in Silver Lake, Los Angeles


Wholly Guacamole - El Cid Menu

An amazing menu featuring Wholly Guacamole favorites


Wholly Guacamole - More Swag

Some awesome free swag at the event


Wholly Guacamole #LiveWhollyTour Open Mic Night

Musical performers following their dreams


Wholly Guacamole Musicians

So many musicians performed to win the ultimate prize


Wholly Guacamole Swag

Thanks Wholly Guacamole for this awesome shirt “Those in Los Angeles live wholly!” – yes we do!


While Snapchat turns us into puppies and flower-crowned goddesses and auto tune turns any of us shower-singers and traffic-harmonizers into Whitney Houston, the WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® brand knows real life is best lived unfiltered and authentic. Those who truly live, know how to Live Wholly. Which is why Wholly Guacamole is travelled cross-country to find America’s most talented, unfiltered musical talent at open mic night.

To celebrate the people who truly Live Wholly every day, Fresherized Foods, the makers of the WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® brand hosted LIVE WHOLLY™ Open Mic Nights in five major cities with vibrant, authentic music scenes: Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago and New Orleans. After baring it all with just a mic and a stage, Fresherized Foods and a panel of local judges selected a winner in each market, as well as one online winner.

The six finalists will compete on an even bigger stage as the final selection is put to a national online vote. The ultimate winner will get a chance to pursue their music dream, proving dreams can come true when you stay true to authentic self.


WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® products are 100% natural and authentic. Made with 100% natural Hass avocados and other real ingredients like tomatoes and garlic, WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® products are an easy way to snack authentically. LIVE WHOLLY™.

This post is sponsored byWHOLLY GUACAMOLE®. All opinions are my own.