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Where to See the Hollywood Sign Around LA

If you’re familiar with Los Angeles, you know the Hollywood Sign is considered to be one of the most iconic landmarks, and lucky for us locals, it is always within reach. Many people know about the famous Hollywood Hike, and although that is a great idea if you’re interested in seeing the sign, that isn’t the only way to view it. There are long guided tours and some short ones too, but nothing beats FREE. So, if you don’t feel like getting your sweat on just to see the sign, follow along to discover 6 different ways to see the Hollywood Sign in LA.

Lake Hollywood Park

Address: 3160 Canyon Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Hours: Monday – Sunday, Sunrise to Sunset

The closest view to the Hollywood Sign (besides literally standing next to the sign) is Lake Hollywood Park. Whether you prefer walking or driving, Lake Hollywood Park is a great place to get some photos with the Hollywood Sign. There is a decent amount of parking, but we do recommend getting there early because it can get busy (not surprising, it’s LA). Also, no need to leave your pet at home because Lake Hollywood Park is actually dog-friendly!

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Lake Hollywood Reservoir

Address: 6381 – 6399 Weidlake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 6 AM to Sunset

If you want to enjoy a short hike with a reward being a view of the Hollywood Sign, then drive on over to the Lake Hollywood Reservoir. Clear your calendar for several hours to enjoy this 3-mile hike (if you aren’t a big hiker, check out the other options!). Roadside parking is available on Lake Hollywood Drive, get your fitness grind on.

Photo Courtesy of Modern Hiker

Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Address: 3400 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Whether you have an upcoming romantic date night or special gals night, be sure to reserve your tickets to go horseback riding on the Mulholland Trail Tour or the Mt. Hollywood Day Tour for an incredible view of LA, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign. Not only will the views be absolutely unforgettable, but you’ll have plenty of time to get those Instagrammable photos, too.

Photo Courtesy of Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Barnsdall Art Park

Address: 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 6 AM to 10 PM PST

Barnsdall Art Park is a wonderful park if you are thinking of an adorable picnic spot or place to lay back and relax. There is a decent amount of parking, but try to head over early on the weekends because it gets pretty hectic, and you’ll want to secure your parking spot. Once you find the right spot to situate yourself at the park, enjoy the view of the City of Angels and the Hollywood Sign.

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Swayne

Griffith Observatory

Address: 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

If you want to knock out two iconic landmarks in one day, start your day out at the Griffith Observatory. Not only will you be able to enjoy their exhibits or visit the exact spot where La La Land was filmed, but at night, take a peak outside to view the Hollywood Sign and the gorgeous LA sunsets. Come on, look at that view!

Photo Courtesy of Griffith Observatory

Hollywood Bowl

Address: 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068

We know most people go to the Hollywood Bowl to watch live performances by their favorite artists or to attend special events, but not only can you listen to your favorite band rock out, you can also spot the Hollywood Sign. Even though it is far away, there is still a good distance that you can capture this special photo moment with the sign and stage in the background.

Photo Courtesy of The Los Angeles Times