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Where to Eat, Drink, Shop & Play in Burbank

A Full Day: Eat, Drink, Shop & Play in Burbank CA

Filled with Hollywood history and home to Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Burbank is an absolute gem and a great place to spend some time exploring. It’s only 12 miles from downtown LA, and an easy drive to Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Feliz. And just in case you’re ever on Jeopardy and this is the final question, yes, Burbank does indeed have the largest IKEA in North America. 

We’ve provided a sort of “choose your own adventure” LA Girl day in Burbank from morning until night, using a few suggestions from the long list of our neighborhood faves. 

LA Girl Travel Tip: the Burbank Airport is small but mighty! There are great direct flights from Burbank to destinations like Austin, Arizona and Las Vegas and it’s super easy to navigate. 


  • The Palm Coffee Bar believes in community, coffee, and good vibes, and it shows with every visit. With a motto like “You Can Sip With Us” the coffee experience here is very pink, Palm Springs, and social media post worthy. It feels like a very luxe experience with drinks like The Lucky Charm with blueberry matcha, oat milk, and lucky marshmallows.
  • The Ugly Mug in Burbank is family-owned, and it feels like someone has a funky coffee shop with all of their grandma’s antiques neatly placed on a shelf. The vanilla nut latte is delicious, and they also offer cool artisan jewelry and pins to purchase from local artists. 
  • Priscilla’s has been selling delicious coffee from 1919 when they were a gas station to the present day when this brick beauty has plenty of seating indoors, outdoors, and lightning-fast wi-fi. Great for an afternoon writing sesh. It’s cute, you’re cute. 


Burbank is a great place to do some retro shopping, whether you need a Flapper Dress, babydoll number, or something for fit and flared. 

  • Unique Vintage is a dress lover’s dream, with all the throw-back pieces your heart desires.
  • Try the Mystic Museum if you want to try something a little more Scorpio rising-ish.
  • You can also find props and costumes from your favorite TV shows and movies at It’s a Wrap.
  • If you are feeling a little more mainstream, head into Burbank Town Center for stores like Urban Outfitters and The Gap. 


  • Castaway. This gorgeous restaurant overlooks all of Burbank and beyond, and is a great choice for family gatherings or special events. We love the lobster risotto, island salmon, and just about everything at brunch. There’s a reason it comes up constantly as TikTok’s choice of Burbank’s food spots. 
  • Smokehouse 1946. Great date spot and the perfect choice for more of the meat and potatoes yet an elevated type of LA girly. 
  • Porto’s. People would be mad and throw their potato cheese balls at me if I didn’t mention this very busy institution. Here you go. Get the guava lemonade! 


  • Finish off the night with a comedy show at Flapper’s, where the hottest names in comedy are known to just waltz in and take the stage.
  • Check out the AMC Burbank to catch a movie in Dolby surround sound, or
  • Or check out the most fabulous live music while you sip a martini at The Blue Room

What a fun day!