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Fall Trends: Here’s What to Wear This Season

(Photos: courtesy of Balmain, Miu Miu & Kenzo Paris 2021 Fall/Winter collections)

Fall fashion is a few months away & we are ready! Here’s a round up of a piece I contributed to for Glam Magazine this month wrapping up the trends for the cold months ahead 😉

1. Oversized Textured Coats

When it comes to fabric choice, it’s similar to color- go bold! Coats seen on the runways this year were not shy. Bold furs, shag or wool textures are over done and large, full shapes.  Oversized statement coats, added to your ensemble points to layering as the thing to do this season. You can think of your coat at the end of your outfit this fall. Style it: Style your oversized coat with a completed look. Balmain sent turtle necks underneath their special coats this season for a more tailored look.

2. Puffer Jackets: Back to the ”slopes”

Material that looks like it could repel water take us back to puffy jackets as 8 year olds – puffer coats are back. This style mimics snow-wear and true wind/water resistant utility, while also being stylish. Miu Miu slope-style led the way this year, displaying big puffer jackets and even matching knit masks. Style it: Wear over pants, over leggings, over a sweatshirt, or over long dresses- pair with a chunky snow boot or ugg.

3. Bold Colored Outer wear

When it comes to color, beiges and blacks are over shadowed by special pieces, details or bold coloring when the fall/winter trends were released stood out from the rest. This could also be a result of the emphasis on digital marketing that we’ve seen in fashion this year, replacing full, live runways. When it comes to displaying clothing via video, these coats will make an impact! Style it: Strong shoulders are IN. Drape your colored coats over a tailored top and pair of trousers to accentuate and elevate your look. Pair with a black boot or closed toe platform and tights. 

4. Black Sheer Tights

Saint Laurent debuted black, transparent tights in their Paris fall/winter  collection this year. The tights added shape and tailoring and looked damn cute. Did you know that nylons were a staple for women throughout the 30’s and it wasn’t until the World War II era in the United States that women got rid of the accessory due to stocking shortages. Post WWII, women began to see them as optional. Nylons today are worn to compliment traditional summer silhouettes for the fall. Style it: Throw on a pair of black, transparent tights under skirts, dresses, or “barely there” shorts and more for 2021. Pair with a heel or boot to complete the look. 

5. Knee High Boots, Baby!

When in doubt, boot it. Long dresses, over tights, or even pant legs tucked: get yourself a pair of knee high boots this season. Boots originally jumped onto the scene as “work boots” in the 15th century. Later, making their entrance as a fashion piece for women in the 20th century. In 2021, boots are for everyone. Originally, created for additional protection for the leg, they still do the job to provide additional WARMTH and style for our favorite outer wear looks. Style it: Style your boots underneath a floral or feminine patterned long sleeve dress this season or make it a colored boot as the center of attention. Bonus: add your statement coat over the outfit and call it a day. An option beloved for fall (and comfy) is tucking your favorite loose fitting pant into the boot.

(Photos: courtesy of Balmain, Miu Miu & Kenzo Paris 2021 Fall/Winter collections)