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5 Delicious Recipes For Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, there will no doubt be plenty of delicious leftovers that can utilized and made into some mouth-watering dishes. While some families choose to cook salmon, ham, or beef on this special day, you will find most American families sticking to the traditional turkey that has become synonymous with the holiday. The 5 following recipes are ones to check out if interested in utilizing your turkey in various creative ways.

1. Turkey Pot Pie

A great option, you can never go wrong with making a turkey pot pie! Try this recipe from The Modern Proper or try ours. Gather up your leftover turkey and make sure it’s diced up into pieces. You are also going to need some veggies on hand such as frozen or fresh vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and peas along with an onion, butter, chicken broth, and garlic. For you baking lovers out there, you may bake your own crust or use a store-bought frozen crust which works perfectly fine as well. After you have all your ingredients, rinse and chop up all veggies and cook then in a skillet with butter. Once tender leave aside was you work on your pie thickening sauce. Melt butter into a skillet then gradually add flour until it thickens, you can also add in some heavy cream to get the texture even thicker. Once the sauce thickens, combine with veggies and add into pie crust. Cover the top with the remaining crust and bake until fully baked. A meal 


2. Turkey Casserole 

This recipe is quite simple. All you need is any kind of pasta, turkey, onions, and some cheese. First, boil your pasta, and add it to a baking dish. Chop up some onions, and warm and add some leftover turkey onto to pasta in the baking dish. Cover the turkey with cheese and sprinkle onions on top. Bake until cheese is well melted. For extra flavor, add some leftover stuffing on top as well.

3. Turkey Tacos

Just like any other meat-filled tacos, you can absolutely do the same thing with turkey. Make sure you to warm up your turkey in a skillet and add some leftover gravy if any to moisten the turkey meat up, as some may be dry.  Flour or corn tortillas both go well with this simple dish. Warm your tortillas up and add moisten turkey to your tortilla. Chopped up corn, onion, and tomatoes pair well on top. Garnish with avocados, sour cream, and add cranberry sauce for some sweetness.

4. Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

An absolute must create recipe is the turkey cranberry sandwich. All you need is some bread, green leaf lettuce, leftover turkey, and cranberry sauce. Just like any other sandwich filled with meat, you can easily replace your typical sandwich meat with your leftover turkey. Add any condiments such as mayonnaise for extra flavor, and you are ready to eat! Fast, easy, and most delicious

5. Turkey Wrap

Similar to the sandwich, you can easily make a turkey filled wrap in just a few minutes! Use any tortilla you may have in your pantry, add any condiments you prefer along with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Fill your tortillas accordingly and slice in half which will give you two delicious turkey wraps. One of the easiest recipes to utilize for those great leftovers.