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What I Wore to the US Tennis Open

While we were in New York for Fashion Week, we also happened to be in town for the U.S Tennis Open, and without hesitation, that was added to the to-do list! The U.S Tennis Open may not be a runway show, and the dress code may be a little more flexible, but we sure had to pull together a look for this incredible date night. For this event, we could have gone in so many directions with the outfit, but we decided to keep it simple, and we LOVE how it turned out…

The Look

For the outfit, we wanted to keep it chic, sporty, and most importantly, comfortable (…because you never know how long a tennis match will last!) For this sporty look, we went on the preppy side. The top we chose was an oversized button-up white Prada dress shirt. For the bottoms, we went with pleated sky-blue shorts. No heels for this event as we kept it super comfy-casual (but still cute!) with these Christian Dior white tennis shoes. For accessories, we paired some dainty gold jewelry with some sunnies… And to complete the look, this adorable, classic Prada pouch bag. 

How to Put a Chic Look Together

It’s often a mindset that more means “more put together”, but that is not always the case! Sometimes when you keep adding and adding to an outfit, it can look too busy and overdone. That’s not to say we don’t love to accessorize because we do! It’s just a matter of doing it tastefully- for example, adding a few pieces of gold jewelry rather than mixing colors and styles and over-layering. For the outfit itself, all it takes is a sleek and timeless staple from your closet, like a white dress shirt paired with a simple, white or neutral shoe, and finally, spicing it up with a fun style or colored pants and adding a simple bag.

How to Recreate the Look…