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Top 5 Things to Do With Friends and Family Who Are Visiting LA

Visiting LA

Whether you’re from LA or moved here, it’s no surprise that all your friends and family want to come visit! It’s probably because of the its amazing weather, vibrant spirit and plethora of people. Now you find yourself playing tour guide and wonder where to take them through your “hometown.” I love showing others my favorite city, so here’s a handy list for the top 10 things to do with friends and family who are visiting LA!

Visiting LA - Dinner and drinks at Mare on Melrose

1. Eat your heart out

We all know that LA is the foodie capital of the world so why not try some of my favorite places to eat. I recommend having brunch on The Roof of the Wilshire hotel for a spectacular view, lunch at Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese for with all the grilled cheese varieties you can ask for and dinner at Mare on Melrose with delicious seafood options. The great thing about Mare is they have a covered patio with lots of heat lamps and even provide blankets, so it’s warm and toasty year round! All of these establishments are owned and operated by Mr. Eric Greenspan who graciously hosted my friends and family through lovely meals at his awesome restaurants.


Visiting LA - Hollywood Sign

2. Take a trip to Hollywood

Yes, especially if it’s their first time. They’re going to want to see the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater. Park at Hollywood & Highland and start there. And you should probably break it to them that if they want to go to the Hollywood Sign, they can either hike up to the back of it or drive up through Lake Hollywood, which is close enough for a great picture but not at the actual sign.

Visiting LA - Griffith Park

3. Go for a city hike, or head to the mountains

A great way to visit the Griffith Observatory is to hike up from the Greek Theater! You can also skip that and just park at the Observatory and hike up to Mt. Hollywood to see an epic sunset and a great view of the Hollywood Sign. If you’re feeling up for it, you can head over to the Hollywood Sign (again to the back of it, you won’t be able to see it). If you’re really feeling good, you can turn this into a 12+ mile hike and head over to the Wisdom Tree! If you’re looking for more intermediate hikes, see my other post which will take you deeper into the mountain ranges surrounding LA.

Visiting LA - El Matador Beach

4. Enjoy a day at the beach

You might have to sit in lots of traffic to do so, but it’s time to pick a beach to relax at. We’ve got a lot of options if you’re in the mood for yoga, sightseeing, romance, surfing. Check out my post on my picks for the best beaches in LA. Wherever you choose, make sure you find the time to experience a sunrise and/or a sunset.

Visiting LA - LACMA

5. Explore your artistic side

We’ve got a ton of museums in LA! You can spend a whole month (or three) just visiting them. Some of the local favorites include LACMA, the Natural History Museum, and the newcomer, The Broad in Downtown LA. Other interesting ones are the newly remodeled Petersen Automotive Museum and the Museum of Jurassic Technology. A lot of these museums have free days or special free hours, so make sure you check before visiting to see if you can get a good deal.

There’s plenty more to do in Los Angeles besides what’s listed here, but these are my top choices especially if your friends or family have a limited amount of time. It’s a great itinerary for a one or two day stay in LA if they have a short stopover or just one weekend. If you’re looking for even more fun things to do with your friends and family who are visiting LA, check out my Guide section in the blog or follow me on Twitter!