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6 Incredible Valentine’s Day Gifts Any LA Girl Would Absolutely Love

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’re still probably in search of a gift for your lovely LA lady. Well I’m here to help! Not only am I a girl who loves to give and receive gifts, but I also used to work for where I chose the best gifts for a living- yup, I used to be Gwen, the Gift Guru. So with my personal and professional background in giving and receiving gifts, here’s my list of top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts every LA girl would absolutely love!

For the sentimental (and philanthropic)

Valentine's Day Gifts: WriteGirl

1. A customized poem

Order a customized poem from WriteGirl, an LA-based nonprofit creative writing and mentoring organization that has been empowering teen girls through writing for 15 years. 100% of proceeds go to help empower underserved teen girls! Poems start at just $10  and for a few dollars more, donors also have the option to customize a poem, tailoring it to that special someone. Order by Feb. 9th to get a custom poem in time for Valentine’s Day. 

For the beauty-obsessed

Valentine's Day Gifts: Fresh

2. Something Fresh

Because who isn’t in love with Fresh products! Whether she’s addicted to the lip treatment ($24) or been painfully wanting the Rose Mask ($62), I guarantee that she’ll love that you got her something she’ll actually use every single day!

For the animal lover

Valentine's Day Gifts: Animal Tracks

3. An adventure at Animal Tracks

Take your wildlife loving sweetie to a wildlife rescue facility in Santa Clarita where you can both paint with primates, cuddle exotic felines, and monkey around! Schedule a ranch tour ($25/pp) to get some hands-on experience and give her a gift she’ll never forget.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Odysseo

4. A mind-blowing equestrian and acrobatic performance 

If she’s an animal lover, most specifically horses, then Odysseo will take her breath away. This show by Cavalia was created by a one of the original founders of Cirque du Soleil. Tickets start at $44.50 on weekdays and you have the option to do a VIP package which includes premium seats, buffet, wine/bubbly/beer, a stables tour after the show and a souvenir.

For the Potterhead

Valentine's Day Gifts: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

5. A day at Hogwarts

If she’s a die-hard Harry Potter fan like me, then chances are she’s been waiting FOREVER for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to open up at Universal Studios Hollywood. Be her Snape (“hero” for you Muggles) and get her tickets when it opens on April 7 ($90/pp) or when the hype dies down (which might be never!).

For the cinephile

Valentine's Day Gifts: Moulin Rouge

6. A most romantic dinner and a movie

If she loves movies, what about a screening of Moulin Rouge at the Los Angeles Theater? Showtime is at 9pm so it’s a perfect dinner and movie situation. Tickets start at $33 per person and $85 for premium seating. If Baz Lurhmann is not her thing, check out Time Out’s list of screenings happening on 2/14.

As you may have noticed, most of these gifts are experiences and not material things (except for the makeup). If she’s more the expensive, designer type (nothing wrong with that!) then you better get to Net-a-Porter ASAP and not skimp on expedited shipping to make sure it gets here in time.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you get her something SHE wants, something personal to her. It’s never really the gift itself, but the thoughtfulness behind it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!