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The LA Girl Gift Guide 2017: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every LA Girl

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Though most people are not really in the holiday spirit and more in a political slump, make sure you show the one you love (or like) a little bit of sweetness and affection with one of these Valentine’s Day gifts!

Classic Valentine’s Day Gifts

This is for the girl who loves Valentine’s Day or just likes to get something special. Send some flowers or chocolate to your mom or best friend, splurge on a bouquet for your wife, or write your girlfriend a note on a sweet card. Even though it’s not really her thing, we’re sure she’d love to gesture.


If you wanna splurge on some flowers, why not a beautiful arrangement from Empty Vase? This LA-based florist is located in West Hollywood, and its owner and creative director Saeed Babaeean creates dazzling floral arrangements inspired by his degree in architecture and design.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Flowers - Empty Vase


Whether you want to go sappy and romantic or funny and clever, head to Urbanic Paper Boutique on Abbott Kinney in Venice. They offer a variety of sweet and not-so-sweet Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. They have cool, LA-themed cards as pictured that I would definitely recommend!


What about something both sassy and sweet for the girl who loves chocolate? BitchFix is our newest favorite LA-based chocolate company that ships every 30 days in concert with a woman’s cycle. If you’re not convinced, they also give 10% percent of all sales go to fixing 4-legged bitches, supporting spay and neuter programs for dogs.  So you can also brag that your gift is charitable and helps dogs. Now that’s a great gift!

Valentine's Day Gifts: BitchFix Chocolate


Give a girl some sweets and she can conquer the world. Not sure if this is true but some girls love their candy, so they will love Sugarfina. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re pretty famous especially with their awesome blue boxes filled with gorgeous looking candy – it’s tough to eat because they’re so pretty, until you get started. Then there’s no stopping there.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Sugarfina

Source: Daily Signal

For Your Stylish Lover

This Lover Bomber Jacket by LA based women’s apparel and accessories brand, Valfre. It was founded by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfré in 2013 and has quickly become a global source for the creative and wild-at-heart. Valfré’s mission is to bring her art to life by creating unique products that are a direct reflection of the psychedelic world that she has created. Her work explores the poignant tension between vulnerability and confidence as she transports her audience into the hearts and minds of the characters that she creates.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Valfre Lover Jacket


A Gift for Good

Leading eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan subscription box and e-commerce shop, Love Goodlyis set to release their Feb/Mar box just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a special someone in your life, or you’re flying solo and celebrating Single’s Awareness Day (S.A.D), this eco luxe lifestyle box is the perfect present to pamper & help you discover the highest quality 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free products and niche sustainable brands.

The box features a glowing organic luminizer to keep you lit-from-within, an exciting 2017 product debut from Orglamix customized for LOVE GOODLY, a cozy artisan handmade style accessory from Thailand, and other surprises, all accented with your very own Valentine card.  The box costs $29.95, with a retail value of over $86, and benefits Beagle Freedom Project, an organization committed to bringing awareness to the cruelties of animal testing.

Valentine's Day Gifts 2017: Love Goodly


Not-So-Classic Valentine’s Day Gifts 

So she’s not really feeling Valentine’ Day gifts this year, because all she’s doing is scanning Facebook for the latest political updates. So what can you do as an awesome partner? Be supportive, of course! Here’s a few Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas that will give your empowered feminist such a good, warm-hearted feeling about you.

A Handmade Pussyhat

Give your proud, Nasty Woman what she really wants. Yes you’ve seen them everywhere and if she doesn’t have one of those yet, she definitely wants one. Because it’s really not about the hat.

There are so many upcoming Los Angeles marches, that she’ll have the chance to wear hers soon, though many are wearing them as regular hats on a daily basis. Order them here!

A Donation to ACLU

She’s not the materialistic type? Then put your money where her mouth is and give a donation to the ACLU on behalf of your one and only. The minimum donation for a gift is $20 and she’ll probably think the world of you. So what are you waiting for? Donate here!


Valentine's Day Gifts: Donate to ACLU

Source: NY Mag 

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