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TRESemmé “The Way of Water” Hits Los Angeles

Avatar isn’t the only thing making H20 our favorite element this year. TRESemmé  has officially launched a new sulfate-free Pro Infusion collection and thoroughly took over the city of Los Angeles to celebrate this week, ending in a grand finale a top a roof with you guessed it- WATER FESTIVITES.


Dance royalty, Parris Goebel spoke at Thursday evening’s West Hollywood panel, performances & soiree on behalf of the choreography (or should we say “hairography”) she created for TRESemmé’s newly released short film, Fluid, starring The USA Olympic Artistic Swimming Team, who were also in attendance to speak about their experience filming and to treat the crowd to special, live performances. Parris sound familiar? That’s because her choreography is behind some of our favorite moves from icons, like J.Lo and Rihanna. 


Socialites, beauty industry leaders, stylists and more gathered to view the artistic and fully-expressed film that celebrates the transition from rigid, stiff styling, to a more fluid, free flowing interpretation for hair. The film sunk deep into the hearts of the audience as the USA Artistic Swimming champions literally and figuratively “let their hair down.” Conversation about freedom and expression erupted and attendees joked that the “wet look” would be engrained into their subconsciouses the next time they went to style their locks, purely from the inspiration of watching these jaw-dropping athletes. (Luckily the new Pro Infusion line was gifted onsite, for plenty of help in that department.)


The “where” is the juiciest part my friends… A private residence in the Hills of West Hollywood is where the main event took place. The coolest part? An under-ground viewing room of the swimming pool, where the audience could watch what was going on underneath the water (which let me just say, was equally beautiful to the show on the top floor performed by the USA team.) An epic view of the city from sunset to darkness was the cap on an incredible evening. Where else was TRESemmé on their promotional tour this week?? At some of The LA Girl’s Favs with fluid styling at Nine Zero One Salon (my personal hot spot for tanning and blow outs) and an epic dance class with Parris herself at one of our favorite places to let loose: The Playground LA

Image, Courtesy of Getty Images


Though hair was the obvious subject matter, the conversation topics ran much deeper, addressing issues surrounding womens’ feelings and pressures about how they look and appear in the world. Common themes of transitioning from judging (good or bad,) to simply observing uniqueness in every person was encouraged by panelists. The evening also addressed something called beauty “double binds.” Haven’t heard of them? I hadn’t either, but once we got the definition it was all too familiar: conflicting assertions about how a brand instructs you to style, treat or take care of your self and/or appearance. We’ve all been there… one season we’re told “straight hair” is the style of the year and corresponding products are the ones to grab and then the next month, “curls” are in and a new line is introduced to keep up with the declared trend. This can create tons of confusion and pressure for anyone following along. TRESemmé stylists and representatives hit the subject head on, sharing that the brand aims to steer clear of those and allow every person to be their most authentic selves through styling and messaging woven through out their campaigns. The event was impactful, inspiring and empowering and I for one, can’t wait to try the products.