4 Easy Tips to Upgrade Your Patio with Lauren Cheek

The sun is shining and summer is here, which means more time should be spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather. If only you had an area in your home that you could hang out in and enjoy some time relaxing in the sun… Oh, wait! You do! How could you forget about your patio? Yes, your patio that maybe hasn’t been touched since last summer. No matter what it looks like, your patio makes for an amazing spot to enjoy summer activities…. but yes, possibly needs some TLC (that’s where we come in.) Decorating can be so hard, no matter how many hours you spend on Pinterest. Let’s leave it to the pros like our fabulous guest, Lauren Cheek, who is an LA Girl, with a knack for making an ordinary space feel like a zen sanctuary: quickly, easily, and with style! She is so great with home decor that in addition to owning an agency & co-founding a business, you can even book her to upgrade your space through her new firm, Intentional Living (LA girl tip). And she’s going to help us with Do’s Don’ts & 4 Tips to upgrade our patios.

3 Essential Elements That Make a Great Patio:

Q. What are the 3 must-have essentials that every patio needs?

A. “My top 3 patio must-haves are…

  1. Cozy seating that’s functional for the space.
  2. Great lighting (string lights, solar/battery-powered candles, hanging lights, etc.)
  3. Lots of plants and greenery (could be fake plants if you lack the green thumb.)”

Plant Shelf – $28

How To Upgrade Your Patio Quickly & Within Budget:

Q. Where do you shop for all of the best patio-decorating finds?

A. “I love to try and shop locally. I often find great pieces on Craigslist, Offerup, FB Marketplace, and local vintage shops. If I am looking online, I like to mix it up with high and low pieces/price points, so it looks really high-end on a basic budget. You can also find some good essentials on Amazon and Ikea.”

Tiny Space? Not a Problem:

Q. What are your best tips for making the most of a smaller patio space?

A. “Smaller patios are often underutilized, however, there’s a lot you can do with them! A small outdoor zen garden or lounge area can feel cozy and functional in small spaces. My trick is first accessing how the patio could be best utilized and enjoyed, then picking a main focal point, and working the other pieces around that. I also love adding soft turf grass or rugs to any patio – as it instantly gives it that cozy feel.”

Bohemian Textured Rug – $37

Does My Outdoor Decor Have to Match My Indoor Decor?

Q. How do you recommend matching your patio style with your interior home decor?

A. “I like to think of your patio/outdoor space separate from the inside vibe of the house, however, I think you can always tie through colors that compliment the inside of your space and plants also help tie everything together.”

Outdoor Pillows – $17


For more fabulous patio necessities, find them on our Patio Must-Have shopping list. 3,2,1… Let the decorating begin!