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5 Great Places To Get Tinned Fish In Los Angeles

Do we really need a whole article devoted to tinned fish? Yes! If it has swam into your social media algorithm at all over the past few months, you’ve seen the tinned fish craze have its moment, much like now cottage cheese, butter boards, and that pasta dish that uses the whole block of feta cheese. People have gone viral for showing their tinned fish dates, grabbing a can of sardines or mackerel, and went from something we picture around coastal Spain, Italy, or Portugal to part of the “hot girl” essential starter pack. For non-seafood people, tinned fish can be a great place to start because there are choices, such as the mussels or clams, that are less “fishy” than your typical sushi or straight-up typical seafood options. For those of us who have been pro-sardine and part of the “conservas” club before it was cool, we know that tinned fish can be a convenient way to pack in the protein on the go, for a relatively low cost. Here are some of our favorite places in LA to buy some high quality tinned fish in a beautiful setting! 

Pro-Tip: The staff, chefs, and employees we spoke with at these establishments all had one thing in common: they love helping people expand their palate and try new foods with loved ones. We highly suggest utilizing their knowledge and education, and the stories behind each tin can lead to you appreciating another culture and part of the world. 

Saltie Girl

Location: 8615 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

We recently visited Saltie Girl Seafood Bar in Boston and were thrilled to see a new location now open in our own hometown right in the mix of all the fun in West Hollywood. While we are always down to go big on one of their famously decadent seafood towers, their tinned fish selections boast beautiful selections of globally-sustainable fish and seafood. Saltie Girl has over 100 different options of tinned fish, and they intentionally let the tins shine, while allowing you to curate different bites with each different accouterment. For example, their tin boards come with whipped butter, home-made piquillo pepper jam, 3 types of salt (Hawaiian black lava, smoked sea salt, and malde), guindilla pickled peppers, and some lemon and lime wedges to add that light citrus burst onto your meal. We loved the Smoked King salmon and Mussels with Lemon and Herbs. 

photo by Mike Cotrone


Location: 3707 W. Sunset Blvd, Silverlake 

This colorful and thoughtfully curated store right in the heart of Silverlake shopping gives you an instant serotonin boost while stepping inside. Yeah,  we may have daydreamed that we were having a main character moment at a Spanish food mart for a split second. We were greeted by store supervisor Ben, who was more than happy to pause his duties and suggest some beautiful white wines that paired best with their display of tinned fish tapas offerings from Iberia and beyond. You can grab a tin, have them cut you some fresh slices of bread, and people-watch the day away while sitting and sipping on their patio. We love the retro artwork on the tins at Rápido, and our faves were the Tricana sardines and the Razor Shells in Brine (which went beautifully on gluten free linguine, lemon zest and a sprinkle of parmesan).

photo by Rapido

The Jolly Oyster 

Location: Ventura, Culver City, DTLA 

While the saying goes that the world is your oyster, we believe it works with tinned fish just as good, and The Jolly Oyster luckily provides us both options. While the Ventura location is more of a beachside snack shack, the Culver City location boasts an elevated offering including rotating specials, fresh crudo, and plenty of options for tinned fish enthusiasts. If you already love a good oyster moment, we recommend trying a tin of smoked oysters, and adding some pickles and chips for a salty and tasty post beach day snack. Or, throw some anchovies on a homemade pizza with a handful of sun-dried tomatoes. 


Location: 317 S. Broadway #45, DTLA 

A tin fish and champagne bar?! Is there a better example of the tin fish community feeling seen. The gorgeous lush green ambiance and knowledgeable staff at Kippered pair well with the already high quality experience of their tinned fish offerings. We spoke with Chef Reed at their store, who steered us in the right direction of our anchovy selection.  Kippered has comfy bar stool seats where you can saddle up to the bar, and their tinned fish plates include crackers and a pickle, which you can elevate to be more of a larger plate with homemade warm bread, creamy butter and their house made olives. The staff are also cheesemongers, so if cheese is your thing, feel free to use their expertise to see which cheeses may go best with your meal. You can tell that Reed, Lydia, and the rest of the “school” at Kippered has a true passion for food from the land and sea, and the bubbles and grapes that go along with them. While there, we got the Matiz Wild Sardines and the Olasagas anchovies. We loved our selection so much that we also bought some tins to take home for another day. 

Pro tip: Parking can be a little hectic at this location since it is in the heart of DTLA, so just be prepared to pay for parking, or be prepared to walk a little if you decide to come during one of their Happy Hour specials and can only find parking several blocks away.

photo by Kippered

Monsieur Marcel 

Location: Original Farmer’s Market at Third and Fairfax

This gorgeous European cafe-style bistro and restaurant offers a great amount of lovely artisanal foods and condiments from olive oils to decadent chocolates and kitchen tools for tea lovers, budding chefs and home mixologists. Their seafood market offers fresh, wild-caught seafood and caviar along with adventurous tinned seafood options like the Gastronom Squid In Ink Sauce. If that is a little too fast too soon, try out the Iasa Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil for your next tuna salad meal prep. You can also check out the dozens of other great stores at the Original Farmer’s Market, and do a little retail therapy at the Grove all in one tin packed day of fun. 

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