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Three New Beauty Brands You Can Use for Your Skin-Care Routine

Looking to spruce up your skin-care routine? The LA Girl is here with three new beauty lines and their hottest products. Maybe one is perfect for your daily, or nightly, routine. Here are the results of testing them:

True Botanicals

Pure Radiance Oil

True Botanicals wants their customer to indulge in self care that is safe for you, the planet, and animals. They have a facial oil that is great for moisturizing after cleansing your face. It helps sooth your skin, and it smells great too. This facial oil is best for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it also works well for people that have sensitive skin. True Botanicals recommends 2-10 drops, but we found that two drops (even one) goes a long way with this product. Facial oils are great in preparations for the future, as they can help prevent premature aging.

If you were looking to venture out into the realm of facial oils, this is a very nice product to start with. Afraid to get into oils because you might have oily skin yourself? Not to worry, sometimes we have the same issue. “I tend to be really oily around my cheeks and chin and found this product does not break me out or clog my pores. If I was having a particularly bad skin day, I would skip the oily sections on my face and only apply around my eyes and forehead (its where I hold most of my expressions anyway.)” –Maya Gillett, Digital Media Lead at The LA Girl.


Best Skin Days

If you are looking for a cruelty free and vegan option for skin protection, try Iris&Romeo‘s 5-in-1 SPF cream. This cream comes in 25 SPF and leaves your skin soft, moisturized, and looking youthful. The tint in this cream worked as a light to medium coverage foundation(without the heavy feel of makeup), dependent on how much we used. This product comes in 12 different shades, so finding the right shade for you will be a breeze. Through their skin shade chart, available on their website, you are able to select a cream based on your skin tone and its undertones. Remember, as the seasons change, so does our skin tone. We suggest (if the shade becomes too light or dark) that mixing in a little bit of your foundation helps fix correcting the shade your cream comes in.

Sometimes the heavy weight of make up everyday doesn’t feel great, so we’re definitely incorporating this into our routine, when we don’t want a full coverage face of foundation. Wearing a form of SPF everyday is important. Not only does this product help protect our skin from the sun, it is formulated to help protect against blue light rays. For work, we stare at a computer all day and our phone all night. It is reassuring to hear that our skin will be protected from most aspects of our daily lives with just one product.

Spice Beauty

Milk and Rose Salt Soak

This LatinX owned brand has CBD infused products to maximize your relaxation routine. Their Milk & Rose Salt Soak smelled great and added a relaxing aesthetic to the tub. This product infused goat milk, Himalayan and Epsom salts, along with CBD that foams up into a cute bubble bath with real rose petals. The little salt grains dissolved fairly quickly, so it didn’t feel like laying on sand or little rocks (which we love.) Your muscles can relax and feel at ease with this product, especially after a hard day at work.

B&B Oil 

Spice Beauty‘s B&B Oil is perfect for the bath and the body. Running one or two full droppers under running water can add to your bath or your salt soak, if you pair the two products. Baths aren’t your thing? No problem. This oil can be used as a moisturizer by itself, or fused with your favorite lotion/moisturizer. By adding a couple of drops into your moisturizer, you can still gain the full benefits of this product.

Both of Spice Beauty’s products are cruelty free and made in the USA. After using these products, skin felt soft and smelling great. The ingredients they use are great for locking in moisture and helping your skin look younger, longer.