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Solo in Los Angeles? Here’s 10 Things to Do in the City

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis known for its diverse culture, iconic landmarks, gorgeous beaches and vibrant entertainment scene. While it’s a fantastic destination for group outings, any traveler can discover plenty of things to do alone in Los Angeles. Explore 10 locations to get some much-needed me time.

1. Shop, Dine & Play at The Row

Location: 777 S Alameda St, Los Angeles CA 90021

One of the coolest places to discover new unique things on your own is hidden in The Row in DTLA.  Literally everything about LA can wrapped up in this place. There are LA designers showcasing their collections, restaurants with LA based chefs creating one of a kind dishes, and ever changing pop ups throughout the year. We love dining at Pizzeria Bianco where you can dine on artisan pizzas, salads and apps.  We also love perusing some one of a kind finds at Flask & Field that focus on wine goods and home goods. You’ll be able to find something you never knew you needed. Trust us, the whole day can be spent here at The Row.


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2. Go on a Celebrity Homes Tour

If you’re from out of town, a celebrity homes tour can be an exhilarating experience. Hop aboard a guided bus as it winds through the luxurious neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the Hollywood Hills, where opulent mansions and sprawling estates of America’s rich and famous stand. You’ll get to drive past the past and present homes of iconic celebrities like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Kylie Jenner, Elvis Presley and Madonna.

3. The Last Bookstore

Location: 453 S Spring St Ground Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

There’s nothing better than browsing aisles of books, flipping through the pages and getting lost in a corner somewhere. Los Angeles has its fair share of exciting libraries and bookstores, but none are quite like the Last Bookstore. Housed inside an old bank, the lofty walls and marble pillars create an air of timelessness and excitement no matter what aisle you’re pursuing. You can explore every genre imaginable here, including vintage, used and new copies. There’s also a section dedicated to records for the music lovers out there. Bring out your inner child and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this bookstore — some places are purposefully disorganized so any passing visitor can find the diamond in the rough. 

4. Hike the Bridge to Nowhere

For one of the most athletic things to do alone in Los Angeles, enjoy a solo hike to the Bridge to Nowhere — one of the lesser traveled trails near Mount Baldy. Cross crystalline rivers, deep canyons and calming glens as you traverse further along the East Fork trail. The nine-mile out-and-back trail typically takes walkers around four hours to complete. At the end of your trek, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable view of the Bridge to Nowhere. You might think a 130-foot concrete bridge would stick out like a sore thumb, but the abandoned road development project makes the best spot for exploration and selfies. Pop some earphones in, listen to your favorite songs or podcasts, and unwind as you take in your surroundings. Booking active adventures is an excellent way to work up a sweat and see the lush world. There are usually plenty of others conquering the trails alone, making it a great opportunity to chat with some locals or out-of-towners.

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5. Go Shopping at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Location: 1714 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 

When picturing Los Angeles, you probably imagine drooping arms full of shopping bags. To achieve your LA dreams but beat the crowds, simply travel back in time! The Time Travel Mart is a non-profit store featuring humorous goodies across time and space, like primordial soup cans, Viking odorant and dinosaur eggs. Dig through interdimensional gifts and get your best sci-fi gear all in one spot.


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6. Take a Helicopter Ride

For a truly unforgettable experience, elevate your trip by taking to the skies on a helicopter tour. Admire all the popular attractions and beautiful coastlines from a bird’s-eye perspective. Helicopter tours often soar above the Hollywood Sign, offering spectacular views of the surrounding hills. Fly over the star-studded neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, catching glimpses of luxurious homes and lush estates. A helicopter tour provides a thrilling and one-of-a-kind way to see the city.

7. Explore a Farmer’s Market

Exploring one of LA’s vibrant farmers markets is the ideal way to spend a morning. You can choose between the historic Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax, the trendy Hollywood Farmers Market and plenty in between. These bustling venues offer an array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, homemade condiments and delectable treats. The Hollywood Farmers Market has over 160 vendors offering a diverse range of produce. Stroll through the buzzing stalls, sampling local fruits, unique cheeses and handcrafted pastries while chatting with friendly vendors. Coming home with armfuls of new treats can be one of the most rewarding solo activities in LA. 

8. Visit the Marionette Theater

Location: 4949 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

One of the best things about traveling alone is becoming a storyteller. Any strange sights or unusual eateries become the stuff of legend at your next friend get-together. What better way to kick off your LA story than at a Marionette Theater? Bob Baker managed this theater and training center for puppeteers for 70 years and most of his traditions live on. For instance, you’ll still receive a cup of ice cream after each showing. Shows are about an hour long and feature a string of colorful marionettes dancing and moving to an old phonograph recording. The experience might feel like another reward for your inner child or something out of a dream, but either way, you’re definitely in for a treat.

9. Spend the Evening at a Casino

Visiting a casino is one of the more unique solo activities in LA. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or just looking for a lively night out, the city’s buzzing casinos offer a glamorous experience. As the sun sets and the beaches clear, the neon lights and festive atmosphere of the city’s nightlife come alive. However, when heading to the casino as a beginner, it’s wise to make a budget. Set aside a predetermined amount of money you’re comfortable spending to help you avoid overspending and maintain a sense of control throughout the evening. Once you’ve created your budget, try games like blackjack or slot machines.

10. Spend the Day on the Beach

This is our personal fave. You can’t go wrong basking in the sun on a warm California day. There are plenty of beaches to choose from in LA, from the sun-kissed shores of Laguna Beach and the vibrant atmosphere of Paradise Cove to the tranquil Sunset Beach.  A beach day promises hours of relaxation. Kick off your day with a morning beach stroll and spend the rest of the day lounging by the water. Bring a book or some music to keep you busy. As the day unfolds, dive into the refreshing Pacific waves for a rejuvenating dip, or try your hand at popular beach activities like paddle boarding or surfing. Many LA beaches offer rental services for equipment, making it easy for solo travelers to join in the fun. You’ll find plenty of beachside cafes, shops, smoothie bars and street performers on the iconic boardwalks, adding to the vibrant coastal atmosphere. Relaxing by the ocean is a wonderful way to get some vitamin D, relieve stress and boost your mood to improve your overall well-being.

After Los Angeles, you could take a flight to the East Coast to discover traveling solo in the Big Apple

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