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The Ultimate Self Care Ritual: The “Everything Shower”

If you’re a fan of all things skin care and beauty as much as we are, you may have heard of the “everything shower” trend and wondered what exactly it is. We’re here to break it down and share our favorite products to cleanse, pamper, and prep. While different for everyone, the “everything shower” is a 1-4 hours weekly (or whenever ya can) deep clean designed to leave you refreshed and renewed at every level. Often reserved for Sundays or pre-event prep, it may seem like a lot of steps…but that’s the point! This is your time to truly indulge from head to toe and it’s one of our favorite acts of self care. Keep scrolling to see our favorite everything shower products and tips to get you feely refreshed.

Set The Vibe

To get that full rejuvenating experience, you’ll want to set the right vibe from the start. Light a luxury candle like the opulent and spicy Boy Smells Vanilla Era candle or Byredo’s Loose Lips scent that will fill your bathroom with a touch of rose and cherry scents. Next, put your phone on DND and cue up a soothing “rain sounds” Spotify playlist or a sultry album like SZA’s SOS. And don’t forget your plush, ah-mazing towel – we love Brooklinen’s super soft but lightweight Turkish cotton option. These might just be the most important everything shower products to get you in the mood for some relaxation. It sounds like we’re preparing you for an athletic feat, but trust us, you’ll want to hydrate as well. Have an iced lemon water on hand, or treat yourself to an at home spa water infused with sliced cucumbers and mint. 

Pre-Shower Prep

Once you’ve created the perfect ambiance, it’s time to kick off the prep work. Start by invigorating your full body with some dry brushing using goop’s Dry Brush. This age-old ritual sloughs off dead skin while boosting circulation. Follow that by working a nourishing hair treatment like Fable & Mane’s HoliRoots Hair Treatment Oil through your strands and scalp. Let it soak in as you grab a soft hair clip to keep your locks up and out of the way. This is where the skincare begins – treat it to a little tune-up with The Outset’s Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser – it purifies pores without disrupting your moisture barrier.

The Shower Ritual 

Okay, you’re doing great. Next step! Now comes the actual everything shower products. Pop into that warm, candle-lit shower and reach for a luxe body scrub to exfoliate and renew skin from the neck down. We’re obsessed with Natrium’s KP Body Scrub & Mask which uses both chemical and physical exfoliators. As the steam builds, take a moment to give your shoulders and any tense areas a squeeze and unwind those stiff areas – totally normal to spend 20 minutes just on this first step! Once you’ve sloughed away any dullness, do an initial hair cleanse to clear away excess oil and product buildup. The Ceremonia Papaya Scalp Scrub smells SOOO good and is ideal for removing product build up and gently exfoliating through papaya enzymes and pink salt. Follow that up by smoothing on your mask of choice, and Ceremonia wins our hearts again with their Mascarilla De Babassu deep conditioning mask. Featuring Babassu and Cupuacu Butter from Peru, it helps to repair damage and revive those limp locks. While the hair mask works its magic, turn your attention back to your face. For an extra deep detox, we ADORE the OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mud Mask. You’ll really feel like you’re in a ceremonial mud bath! 

Secrets to Shaving

If you choose to shave any areas, make sure to first soften skin and hair using a shave cream. We swear by Billie’s Ingrown Prevention Whipped Shave Cream formula that leaves you silky smooth, not to mention the brand’s superior quality razors. Cap off the in-shower routine with one last rinse using your go-to body wash to make sure every inch is squeaky clean. Our two favorites: Necessaire’s Eucalyptus Wash and Saltair’s sustainably-minded options.

Layer on the Moisture

We’re getting close to the grand finale! Immediately follow your shower with a rich, hydrating body product to lock in moisture. Don’t forget to seal it all in with a body oil like OSEA’s nourishing Undaria Algae version or Gisou’s Honey Infused Body Oil. Okay, so you’ve prepped, cleaned and masked, so now just restore and protect your complexion with a lightweight hydrator. One of our forever faves is Krave Beauty’s Great Barrier Relief Serum which helps repair any damage while locking in serious dewiness.  And you’re done! Now that you’re fully revived, keep that self-care sentiment going strong. Brew up a mug of herbal tea, hop into fresh PJs, and curl up with a captivating podcast or comfort TV show. Your mind, body, and soul just went through a full system reset – a deserving reward for making your wellbeing a priority.

Whether you go all-out weekly or save it for your most indulgent moments, we guarantee this recharge is about to become your new favorite ritual. Now it’s time to hop on the couch and binge one of our favorite TV shows to stream this summer.