Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide For Every LA Girl

Holiday season is here! Don’t fret if you haven’t started shopping yet, there are so many gifts out there just waiting to be found for you friends and family! But if you really are stuck on what to get your people, then check out these ideas we have for holiday gift giving. Here is our holiday gift guide for every LA girl.

Gifts for LA Moms

Wine Gift Set 

Know a mom who might like to end her night with a glass of wine from time to time? Well luckily there is 12 Nights of Wine! It’s less of a drink and more like a daily wine tasting which is actually perfect for anyone who could use a little quiet time to de-stress themselves at the end of the day.

Gourmet Coffee 

Is the mother in your life more of a coffee connoisseur? Well grab her a coffee set like this Fifth Avenue Gourmet Coffee Gift Set. She’ll have all the caffeine fueled energy to get her through the end of the year and plenty more to start the new year out right! We love having this on the holiday gift guide for every LA girl. 

Spa Day Basket

Everyone can use a little skin self care to relax for a day. Maybe they can even get a babysitter so they can use their Spa Day Basket in the peace and quiet! Filled with beautiful scents and relaxing masks for the body, it’s a great gift for someone who is looking to relax.

Gifts for Everyone

California Crafted Box

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a mom, friend, boss, or even your neighbors? Trust us, we have been there far too many times until discovering California Crafted Box. Not only are all of the boxes filled with goodies from local California businesses, but there is truly a box for everyone. With a wide variety of options and boxes, no matter what that special person in your life is into, California Crafted Box has you covered. Is your mom into all things wellness and loves a relaxing facial? Check out the Spa Box. Your neighbor just had a baby? You’re in luck, the California Baby Gift Box is your go-to gift. Support California businesses while crossing off names on your shopping list this upcoming holiday season. 

Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Class Pass

If your friend or significant other or even mother-in-law hasn’t tried Class Pass, they should. This is perfect for the advanced fitness guru, or someone just becoming active. The pass allows you to take exercise classes around LA and each cost a certain amount of points. So whether you know they LOVE Yoga, or you really aren’t sure, they can choose whichever classes they’d like!

At Home Workout Starter Kit

This one is a “create your own” kind of kit. You can purchase a kettle bell, a yoga mat, and any other accessories you think they will like. That way they can get back to being healthy in the comfort of their own home! 

Self Cleaning Bottle

Everyone has that person that they always see with a water bottle, right? So why not get them a super cool, low maintenance and really nice water bottle? The Larq Self Cleaning Bottle does exactly what it says it does, it clean itself so your friend won’t have to worry about adding another dish to the sink!

Gifts for Nature Lovers

Yeti Mug

Are you a true camper if you don’t have a Yeti mug? Solve that problem for your friend who loves nature and get them one! They come in several different shapes and sizes, plus you can even customize it with their name.

Camping Gear

Camping can be so many different things, but there’s always an opportunity to create a camping gift basket. You can include a personal water filter straw, a multi-use towel, and maybe even a new flashlight!

Hydration Pack

Last but not least, a water pack! Whether your bestie, mom, sister, coworker loves to camp or even just hike, a hydration pack is the perfect gift. You’ll be making sure they stay hydrated while they enjoy their hikes!

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