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The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle

About the Magic Castle

The Magic Castle in Hollywood  is a private, members-only club dedicated to all things magic. To enter, you must be a member of the Academy of Magical Arts or a guest of a member. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there will be an event that’s open to the public and you may be granted an RSVP.

The Magic Castle

This stunning Victorian is a familiar sight in Hollywood. Photo by The Magic Castle

I’ve seen this gorgeous Victorian driving by a thousand times on Franklin Ave. And I had heard all the amazing things that go on in there, yet I didn’t have any magicians in my social circle that could conjure an invite for me. As I was looking through my sources for events in LA for the week, I stumbled upon a charity event that was taking place in the castle the following evening. This was my chance!

A History of the Magic Castle

The property was built in 1909 by a Mr. Rollin B. Lane, a real estate mogul who used to own most of Hollywood. It officially became the Magic Castle in 1963 and the official clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts.

If you have the pleasure of getting in as a magician, guest, or attending an event, there is a strict dress code that everyone is required to follow. Ladies are expected to be in formal wear and the men are required to wear a dinner jacket at all times, as well as a tie or bow tie. This provides an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Also, no pictures are allowed past the lobby; hence, why I don’t have too many pictures for you!

Inside the Magic Castle

Inside the castle, there is a lobby where you are checked in. There’s a gift shop to the right with various souvenirs. In front and to the left of you, you will see bookcases and one that is a secret door that opens to the words, “Open Sesame.” This leads you to another room with a bar, a tiny theater to the right, and a staircase that leads to the main dining room. Since I came as a guest to the event, I was not able to have dinner there but I definitely want to come back. The menu looks delicious.

Secret Entrance at the Magic Castle

A secret entrance behind a false bookcase. Photo by The Magic Castle

To get to the other parts of the castle, you go through the dining room back down the stairs where there is another bar and the Palace where the main magic acts happen. It fills up really fast and has a lineup of three magicians. Further down this way, you can find the Prestidigitation theater which is medium-sized and also hosts magic shows. Past this room, is the basement that they reserve for private events and shows.

Before attending any shows, I tried out this amazing peach whiskey cocktail and this fruity strawberry drink. I liked the peach one the best. The first show I saw was a Slight of Hand act. It was an assortment of tricks featuring a handkerchief, deck of cards, cup and balls, and safety pins. I watched another magician, a Brit guy, do a variety act featuring cards, scarves and whole bunch of tricks.

Me at the Red Carpet Entrance of the Magic Castle

The LA Girl at the Red Carpet Entrance of the Magic Castle

Overall, it was a fantastic evening full of fun and magic. If you’re looking to get into the Magic Castle, follow my Twitter and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook to learn  about upcoming events that will be open to the public. It might be your only way in!

Have you been to the Magic Castle? How was your experience there? If you have not been there, are you interested in going someday?