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The Fashion Life Tour, Celebrity Runway Show

The LA Girl learned about the latest trends in LA fashion at The Fashion Life Tour’s Runway Show series. Located in the heart of Downtown LA, the shows were hosted by America’s Next Top Model finalist, Kiara Belen. We were able to witness first hand creative and inspirational pieces cascading down a cathedral-set runway, featuring celebrity designers Sir Joe and Smiley Jonez. Both of their clothing lines had distinct aesthetics, from colorful, versatile street wear to high fashion, luxury lounge wear.

We were able to talk with both talented designers. Sir Joe has been a staple in the fashion world for many years. Styling A-list celebrities that include Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dog, and Karamo Brown from one of our favorite shows, Queer Eye, his focus on clothing led to an interest in designing his own collections. His transition from stylist to designer was seamless, due to his vast experience in the fashion industry. Sir Joe Exclusive‘s new clothing line blends comfort and couture. It is the perfect balance of streetwear mixed with runway, which we can appreciate in the city of angels.

Burning Guitars is true to their statement “live life as a rock star.” The eclectic style of the different pieces have been inspired by various rock stars. One notably, Jimi Hendrix. The runway was filled with Burning Guitars’ very cool and sexy clothing from bathing suits, statement jackets, joggers, tees and much much more. Smiley Jonez is so passionate and connected to his brand, that all who enjoyed couldn’t help but be enrolled in his larger mission of spreading generosity and love to one another. Jonez and Sayid Muhammad (head designer) take a very hands on approach to the development of his pieces and shows, picking out his models moments before the runway starts. Jonez even asked a man on the street to help him showcase his new line. No joke, he had him clean up in an Air B&B, and hours later, he walked down the runway, it was incredible.

These collections are perfect picks if you’re looking to add trendy pieces to your wardrobe this season. With winter approaching, we’re using it as a great excuse to go shopping and spruce up our everyday wear for the new season.

Burning Guitars Preview

Sir Joe Exclusive Preview

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