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The Best Plant Nurseries in LA

Ah, plants. They provide oxygen, beauty, and nourishment; some of them overtake entire walls with their fuchsia blooms, while others line our apartment-windowsills. From succulents and cacti, to herbs and orchids, bringing a new plant home is like making a wonderful, new friend…and hoping you don’t kill them. Let’s face it, while we believe everybody is capable of honing their green thumb, some photosynthetic buddies adapt to our particular lifestyles better than others. Thank goodness LA boasts a bounty of eclectic nurseries. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, so you can get to exploring, and meet the autotroph of your dreams.

Here are the best plant nurseries in LA.

Artemisia Nursery

This lovely nursery focuses on native plants, and has an impressive selection of herbs, cacti, and succulents. There’s also an adorable gift shop with display-worthy ceramics, book after book on horticulture and native plant life, home goods, and local art to admire and purchase. They host events as well, including art shows (with free wine. Oh yes.) and plant-related workshops!

The Cactus Store

Don’t be fooled by its subtle exterior-this is one of the coolest nursery-like experiences the city has to offer. Step inside the unsuspecting shop and let the hundreds of unique and rare cacti  dazzle you⏤just don’t make any sudden movements or you’ll be cruisin’ for a prickly bruisin’! The Cactus Store is part shop and part museum, with cacti ranging anywhere from $25 to over $800. Whether or not you are looking to buy, simply come for the experience.

The Los Angeles Flower Market

It is worth the price of admission, $1, and a whopping $2 on weekdays, just to stand at the entrance of the Los Angeles Flower Market and inhale the intoxicating scent that booth after booth of fresh flowers have to offer. This place is magic. There is color everywhere, flowers of countless shapes, sizes, and sweet smells, and cats roaming freely, coyly making their way from vendor to vendor. Grab a coffee and get an early start—it closes at noon!

Merrihew’s Sunset Gardens

Walking into Merrihew’s, you’d think you maybe time-traveled back to an old Hollywood MGM set. Zebra finches chatter and dart around a large birdcage, slinky vines drape from the rafters; masks, heirlooms, and vintage décor are nestled about the nursery. They sell an array of indoor and outdoor plants, and the relatively small space is a welcome change from some of the larger (sometimes overwhelming) nurseries one finds around town—an example of quality, certainly, winning out over quantity.

Hashimoto Nursery

Sprawling rows of robust plants greet you at Hashimoto nursery. This nursery feels like it goes on forever, with each section more impressive than the next. Furthermore, Hashimoto Nursery has an important history. The Hashimoto family has owned it in various incarnations since 1928, first as O.K. Nursery, then reopened as the Hashimoto Brothers Nursery after the Hashimoto brothers were released from Manzanar Internment Camp during World War II. It is moving to walk through this space and reflect on their experience, strength, and resilience. We’re happy to say the Hashimoto family still owns the nursery today.

Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery

The Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery is truly one of a kind. It defies description, and you really just need to go see it for yourself. Each tree is different, with mesmerizing details on the branches and their green tops formed to perfection. They even have a hospital for sick trees and a plant-sitting service for when their customers head out of town!

The Plant Provocateur

You’d never know this shop was here unless…well unless you knew this shop was here. Which is why we’re telling you. Duh. Step away from the bustle of Sunset Blvd. into this alluring wonderland. The Plant Provocateur is a curated experience, with a distinct element of art and design in its botanical offerings. They also offer a members-only plant club where members gain access to handpicked, distinguished plants not open to the public. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, go ahead and take a stroll off the beaten path-the Plant Provocateur is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, here are some highly recommended spots from plant-enthusiasts about town:

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