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The Best Co-Working Spaces in LA

People everywhere are starting their own business, working from home, or just might need some extra space to get things done. Having a designated place for work (even if its virtual) is so important for oneself, especially now since our place of work has blended into our living rooms, kitchens, or in my case, our beds. Obviously, not the ideal situation, there are so many opportunities for distractions within our own homes, and not all offices are open and available to everyone at the moment.

Find your LA Co-working Space:

Burbank: The Muse Rooms

Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, & DTLA: Cross Campus

Los Angeles, El Segundo, & Centry City: We Work

Sunset Blvd: Soho Works (Read our review HERE)

Beverly Hills: Spring Place

West Hollywood: The Wing

Spotlight on this Month’s Favorite: 

The Muse Rooms opened their Hollywood location this week, where they showcased their newest and hottest coworking and office spaces. The Muse Rooms are now open for business so that people, from company executives to #bossbabes can create and focus on their profession and tasks at hand. The Muse Rooms aim to make work and business easy and effortless.

Looking to Rent a Room A’la Carte?

This is what makes The Muse Rooms different, you can, unlike other co-working spaces that require full monthly membership to use space, The Muse Rooms allows members and non members a variety of options, including hourly or daily rates. They have a variety of private offices, writing rooms, designated phone booths, and a grand boardroom. Their communal spaces and kitchen add another level of comfort and convenience that regular office spaces or our homes might not be able to provide.

Fun Facts about The Muse Rooms.

A favorite of the venue is the secret bar that the owners, Tim and Nancy Sexton, renovated and designed themselves. It contains a vintage-designed lounge and seating area, where they encourage companies/businesses to host their celebrations. From the paint colors and decor, to the room placements and layouts, everything was designed and picked out strategically to provide a space that’s open, calming, and takes away any distractions someone might face while working. 

Making it fit.

The creators wanted to create a space where people can “just bring their computers and not worry about anything,” (Nancy Sexton). Spaces like these emerging is an opportunity for budding creatives that doesn’t break their bank. The Muse Rooms have a variety of packages that offer members and non-members the ability to rent out their spaces through a vast range of prices and timeframes. Check out their website and see the many things they have to offer, and see how The Muse Rooms can fit into your work life.