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The Best Charcuterie Board Companies In LA

Charcuterie boards are the perfect additions for events of all scales, especially for summer parties! Whether it’s a small wine night with the girls or an extravagant gala in the hills, charcuterie boards are the perfect party pieces that look amazing, and shall we mention, taste even better than they look! We crafted your new go-to list for the most eye-catching and tasteful charcuterie board companies in LA. Your next event just leveled up! Keep scrolling to find the best charcuterie board companies in Los Angeles.

1. Luxe Bites

Hands down – the best! Luxe Bites has been all over LA and at every major event in the city with grand and gorgeous charcuterie spreads. I mean their name says it all! Luxe Bites is one of the best charcuterie board companies that is local to LA for so many reasons. First off, they have so much to choose from. They can make charcuterie boards (vegan boards too!), fruit boards, crudite boards, dessert boards and even sandwich boards. Second, their displays and delicious assortments of items are not only fresh, they are fabulous to the eye. They position pieces in a stylish flow that makes sense as you are picking out your fave meats, cheeses, crackers and fruit. Their charcuterie boards come in all shapes and sizes too. From small to large boards and boxes that you can get delivered to your home or pick up from their local shop (3317 N. Mission Rd, Los Angeles). They also offer grazing tables  which are the best for big parties! They can also customize orders to fit a specific theme. But most of all we love the story behind this local business.  Owners Daniel Odesanya and Cherie Chua were two LA friends who started making these boards in 2018 as a hobby which then led to their bigger dream: to become the best charcuterie board delivery company in the world. So far they’re on track. They have delivered amazing charcuterie boards and tables to names like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Willow Smith and Wiz Khalifa. They’ve also been a part of activations and parties put on by top entertainment brands like Live Nation, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Apple and more. Now they’ve moved on to becoming a one-stop shop for their fans and clients with new menu items, a bar service, and even a dog box ( just $65)! 

LA Girl Pick: Charcuterie Brunch Platter – This is a great board to have if you’re hosting your girlies for a summertime get together. 


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2. Charcuterie LA

Charcuterie LA has a wide range of beautiful boards to choose from, like their Bob’s Board, Mini Board (for those that want to unwind by themselves), Valentina Board, and more! Having a huge gathering and don’t know what to buy? Lucky for everyone, they offer grazing tables for parties of 25+ that create the perfect combinations of foods and beautiful colors which puts this place as another best charcuterie board company in Los Angeles. Everything on their menus are creatively arranged, plus their products are imported from Italy and France. Experience the taste of quality fresh-cut meats, fruits, cheeses, veggies, and more with a creative approach. 

LA Girl Pick: Grazing Table Charcuterie Boards – Choose from one of their traditional boards, but make it mega sized

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3. Charcutereats & Co.

If you’ve been trying to find a charcuterie board company that provides vegan or vegetarian charcuterie options, look no further! Charcutereats & Co. creates the cutest boards and grazing tables but also caters to those with dietary restrictions. Served on palm leaf platters, the Vegetarian Board has the same goodies as their most popular charcuterie platters, only without the cured meats. The Vegan Small Board is deliciously arranged out of plant-based ingredients and feeds up to 6, creating the perfect appetizer. They also have artfully crafted boards for meat lovers as well, so take your pick and enjoy!

LA Girl Pick: Vegan Board – Delicious arrangement of plant-based ingredients for the vegan in your life

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4. Bougie Boards LA

If you like flowers and charcuterie boards, you’ve come to the right place. Bougie Boards LA truly lives up to its name with breathtaking charcuterie boards intertwined with floral arrangements. If you’re looking for something to spice up a holiday, look into their festive holiday-themed boards. For the holidays, this is one of the best charcuterie board companies in Los Angeles. For cozy campfire vibes, get the S’mores Board, which comes with a selection of chocolates, graham crackers, chocolate-covered pretzels, fresh fruit, garnishes, and edible flowers.

LA Girl Pick: Bougie AF – 6-7 Cheeses, 3-5 Meats, Farmer’s Market Fresh Fruit, Olives, Raw Honey, Nuts, & more

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5. Lady and Larder

Lady-owned by twin sisters, Lady & Larder offers premium charcuterie boards that cover all color pallets. Board sizes range from date night sizes to small, medium, and large. Choose between fruit and cheese boards, farmers market crudites boards, cheesecake boards, and more. They offer event installations, branded gifting, workshops, and custom orders for all client needs. Their 30-minute workshop is offered virtually and in person, led by one of their mongers, that will serve as a guide in building a cheese board and talking about all the delicious food options.

LA Girl Pick: Bloomy Rind Cheese Cake – 3 Tier Von Trapp Farmstead Mt Alice / St Stephen Triple Cream / Marin French Breakfast Cheese with Farmers Market Fruit and Floral Garnish

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6. Lover Board OC

Ok not in LA, but if you’re thinking about getting a charcuterie board company to host your OC beachside summer picnic, (and with the cutest aesthetic ever),  Lover Boards OC presents charcuterie boards with a certain level of romance and class. Give your guests something to talk about with a beautifully curated board customized to your liking. They also offer virtual or in-person workshops, which makes for the perfect event to bond with co-workers, family, or friends! Enjoy a glass of wine and these selected snacks for a great vibe.

LA Girl Pick: Charcuterie Board Workshops – Private workshops can be hosted at your own home, office, their studio in Costa Mesa, or pretty much anywhere

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7. Charqute

Presenting the company that is bringing a new approach to charcuterie companies in LA, we are excited to introduce Charqute. This company offers charcuterie cones, yes, meat and cheese-filled cones! This is a cute and convenient way to bring charcuterie boards a bit closer to guests. They also offer a range of other innovative boards like the heart-shaped Sweetheart Box, bassinet Baby Board, Charcuterie Box, Circle Box, and more. Order with Charqute for your next company event or intimate celebration to up your gifting game.

LA Girl Pick: Sweetheart Box – heart-shaped box is filled with charcuterie, cheeses, nuts, berries, sweets, and seasonally available goodies

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