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The 3 Best Italian, Pasta and Wine Restaurants in West Hollywood

After a year of being trapped indoors, people have been dying to have lunch or dinner with friends, families, and partners. Since Los Angeles is so diverse, deciding where to eat can be nearly impossible. The options are limitless, but today we will be focusing on Italian food. One of the first dishes people think of when mentioning Italian food is pasta or pizza. Let’s take a deeper look at the best Italian restaurants to hit in LA (and why) including PRICE, AMBIANCE & DISHES.

1. Della Terra

Who: Located on Beverly Blvd, Della Terra is one of the best Italian-kept secrets in Los Angeles for so many reasons.

Why: So what makes them so special? Every day Della Terra freshly makes their pasta with the finest Italian organic flour. They have countless pasta dishes such as the Pomodoro and the Arrabiata for only $20. We highly recommend attending their Pasta Mondays where the pasta dishes are only $12 and a glass of wine costs $8. If that wasn’t special enough, they have a special called Tuesday Night Supper as well, where a three-course meal only costs $18 per person.

In Los Angeles, it’s difficult to find somewhere with an upscale atmosphere where you can buy more than a crouton if you’re on a budget and that’s why we love Della Terra. Weekly specials, an ambiance that feels luxurious, an entire bar menu (featuring whiskeys, craft coffee cocktails for the holidays, and Instagram-worthy glass wear & rocks ice cubes) make it a perfect spot for group dinners or date nights. 

The menu features everything from soups, pizzas, entrees, and pastas that range from traditional red sauces to Alfredo or truffle sauces. The variety is a great choice for picky eaters or differing pallets and take it from us, the portions will not disappoint. Their central location on the cusp of West Hollywood & LA near The Grove also makes it easy to pop in, dine like a socialite and continue the evening into a movie or shopping without the drive.  

2. Pura Vita (Totally Vegan)

Who: Located on Santa Monica Blvd, Pura Vita is the first 100% plant-based Italian restaurant and wine bar.

Why: A menu featuring vegan dishes, with a focus on pasta at an affordable price. Pura Vita has created a dining experience similar to a New York City wine bar with a menu identical to the best dishes of Southern Italy. It’s difficult to fully indulge as a vegetarian or vegan, Pura Vita makes it easy. It’s also a hot spot for a-list locals, so keep your eyes peeled when you head in.

3. Amarone Kitchen and Wine

Who: Amarone Kitchen and Wine is an authentic family-owned Italian restaurant.

Why: With its white-tablecloth setting and Italian atmosphere, it mirrors a traditional Italian restaurant that would be great for families or keeping it simple on a night out. Freshly made pasta at a price as low as $19, it’s a restaurant worth checking out.