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Meet Thais Sky, Coach & Co-Founder of The Amplify Collective

Thais Sky

I first met Thais at an event for The Amplify Collective and I immediately knew that I wanted to be her friend. She’s outspoken and unapologetic,I love her energy and radiance! Whenever I see Thais, I know that she always has something amazing to say and share and I’m so glad to be part of her circle. Here’s a little bit more about Thais Sky!

Thais is a women’s leadership coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and the co-founder of The Amplify Collective, a movement changing the way women network. After struggling for years with emotional eating, anxiety and several identity crises, she found the key to happiness – worthiness, and set out to support other women rise up. She believes that the world will be saved by women who decide they are worthy of it. She received a prestigious first-class degree in Management and has studied spirituality, yoga, psychology, and leadership for over 10 years. She has been featured in The Washingtonian, The Huffington Post and KTLA.

Thais Sky

Where are you from?

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to Maryland when I was 7 years old. I lived in Maryland for most of my life aside from going to college in Boston and taking what I call a mini-sabbatical in Jersey.

What brought you to LA?

The funny thing is, I never thought I would live in California. In fact, I was pretty proud of being an East Coast type of girl. But then I met an incredible, smart, sexy man two months prior to him moving to LA. We did the long distance relationship thing for 2 years and every time I visited him here I fell in love with the people, the weather and the energy (and, obviously, him). Last June, I decided it was time to make LA my beautiful new home.



What’s your favorite thing about LA?

Every time I drive somewhere with all my windows down, breeze in my face, blue skies above, and palm trees waving at me, I cannot help but feel like I have arrived in heaven on earth. I love everything about this beautiful place but especially how I can wear flip-flops all year-long.

What about LA inspires you?

The people! Everyone I meet is hustling to make their dreams become a reality. This city brims with potential and I love surrounding myself with go-getters who are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill their passion.


Where’s your favorite restaurant in LA?

The Wood Spoon in DTLA is by far my favorite. I am willing to brace the 10 and horrendous DTLA parking for this joint. It’s the most authentic Brazilian food in the world (outside of Brazil of course) and it has such a cute charm!

Where is your favorite place to go in LA?

I love going to the beach as often as possible. On any given weekend you will see me out there catching some sun, disconnecting from my work and swimming in the ocean.

What is your favorite neighborhood in LA?

I can’t pick a favorite! I love living in Westwood because it feels like haven from the bustle of the city and I can walk Khewy in my quiet neighborhood without having to navigate people, buses, stores and so forth. I also love the Manhattan feel of DTLA. And the hippy feel of Venice. But if I HAD to choose, I would say Santa Monica because of the community vibes and obviously, the vicinity to water.



What has been your favorite LA experience?

Leading a women’s movement with my best friend and fellow LA girl boss, Bri, is something I never expected would happen moving to LA and it has been such an incredible experience. We have created an epic business together bringing women together in ways that don’t suck and it has helped make this large city feel cozy and comforting.

Do you have any advice for people new to LA?

LA is pretty spread out which means making friends can sometimes feel a bit challenging. Make sure to join a community of like-minded women and get off the computer. There is so much to explore here!

What haven’t you done in LA that you want to try?

I want to ride down that new glass slide they built in DTLA. It sounds pretty epic.

You can find Thais on:
Instagram:@coachthais + @theamplifyco
www.coachthais.com + www.theamplifycollective.com