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The Hot Celeb Owned Dinner Spot in Beverly Hills: TATEL

After having phenomenal success at their first location in Madrid, TATEL has popped up with multiple restaurants around the world, and one of them is here, in the middle of Beverly Hills! This world famous restaurant gives you a world-class fine dining experience with Spanish cuisine and cultural service. What makes TATEL extra special ( and something that absolutely surprised us!) is that it’s owned by our absolute favorite Spanish athletes; tennis legend Rafael Nadal, LA Lakers champ Pau Gasol, and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. We were let in on the secret that they’ll usually dine there when they’re in LA. But aside from that, TATEL is truly a star studded hotspot in the 90210. They opened in 2021 and have been a super successful restaurant and extension of the original Spanish brand. So it was only fitting that we hosted one of our first events of the year here.

Photo by Catherine Dzilenski/@cathdiz

We had the most amazing evening and kickoff to Women’s History Month at TATEL. Our team, Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz, and our friends at Beverly Bond PR hosted some awesome Latinas behind the scenes of our favorite brands. The women who attended this event have broken down barriers in their careers and continue to build on the groundwork that has been laid out. We shared our professional and personal goals, and connected over our Latin roots to motivate us further to conquer the industries we each work in.

Anabelle Gonzalez, Ava Dindiger, Erika De La Cruz, Priscilla Camacho. Photo by Catherine Dzilenski/@cathdiz

The Vibe

We arrived at the Beverly Hills location at 453 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hill, CA, 90210 around 5:30pm. Parking couldn’t have been easier– there is a parking garage right next to the restaurant where the first two hours of parking are FREE. There’s a beautiful outdoor patio where you could have evening drinks with friends as you share life’s latest over a bottle of wine and some tapas. Inside the space, there was color, beautiful pink flowers, which made it so balanced in a feng shui kind of way. The second we arrived, we were greeted with welcoming faces from the staff, who were primarily Spanish-speaking. In fact, there were a few who were even from Spain! The staff was beyond kind, attentive, and super accommodating to our party’s needs. They really took pride in their work and in the restaurant, which was super important, because it shows that want every guest to love TATEL as much as they do.

TATEL really shows its Spanish roots & culture through their service. This is the perfect place for having a long and slow dinner where there is opportunity to converse and connect with those around you ( so Spain like!); a place where you can really sit back and enjoy the food and drinks and not even realize time has passed. We couldn’t have found a more fitting dinner spot to have a meaningful dinner. We’d rate the vibe 10/10!

The Drinks

The drinks were to die for! The bartenders made us specialty cocktails with our newfound favorite Mezcal-  Dona Vega Mezcal. CEO Sonya Vega wasn’t able to make our dinner, but she wanted to make sure we all had something tasty to drink all night long and graciously provided her artisanal mezcal. There were three drinks on the menu for our special night. The Frida Margarita, Pacha Mama, and Quality Thyme with the Girls (a mocktail for all our health girlies). All of the drinks were perfectly concocted and the mezcal was super smooth. The bar has a host of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. They have hundreds of wines on their list and many exclusive spirits that are hard to find. Their craft cocktail list is a tribute to Spain with drinks like Granada Picosa, El Dorado, El Matador, Red Sangria, Pacha Mama, and more.

The Menu

Now, for the food! Be warned, your stomach might start grumbling. We started our food journey with creamy potato leek soup, that was the perfect temperature, beautifully presented, and the right amount of creamy (honestly we’re still thinking about this soup to this day). Next, we got a couple of “opengarden” salads and seabass ceviche plates for the table to share. The salad, included lettuce, red onion, peanuts, and their house dressing was so fresh and super crunchy. Spain is known for their amazing seabass dishes, so the seabass ceviche was one of a kind. It had ingredients that seemed like they wouldn’t go together, but in reality, all those different flavors created the perfect bite.

Then we were served fried cauliflower, croquetas setas, and croquetas de jamon iberico which are super popular Spanish tapas. It was nice to take it slow and have these long stretches between each dish because it gave us time to connect with the all our dinner guests. It also gave time to prepare ourselves for the main dishes– Spanish Vegetable Paella and Boneless Short Rib Paella. The Boneless Short Rib was so soft and easy to cut into and super savory. This is definitely a must have when you come here.The vegetable Paella was also packed with flavor and was so delicious. They brought out everything to us family-style, done to perfection, and it was more than enough to feed our party.

After dinner, we had to indulge their world famous cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. Words cannot begin to describe how amazing this creamy cheesecake tasted. Our tastebuds were in heaven. Each bite was creamy, sweet, and it was like the cheesecake melted right into my mouth. It was the perfect sweet treat after our meal. We are so serious when we say it is thee best cheesecake in Los Angeles. So don’t skimp on it when you come here.

Tatel’s World Famous Cheesecake

Our night was straight out of a movie! We celebrated, laughed, and reveled in everyone’s company to come together and celebrate Women’s History Month. We spoke about what it means to be Latina and navigate this world. We listened to one another, inspired one another, and uplifted each other’s voices. Take sneak peek at our night, meet the women in attendance, read more about our lovely dinner here, and check out more photos of the women and of our epic night below.

Side note…when you’re done with your delicious meal and yummy drinks at TATEL, continue the night and hit up the dance floor at one of our favorite Reggaeton clubs!