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5 Streaming Series To Watch if You Love Vintage Fashion

Alright Fashion-Inspo seekers! Here’s what’s out, what’s coming and what we’ve heard is cooking in the binge-able world of fashion “shows…” that include Big Stars, Big Fashion &Big Time Periods.

1. Coming Soon to Theaters: Dressed to Kill, House of Gucci

It’s not out YET, but almost (Thanksgiving Day) You can sit in theaters and watch the Italian saga play out. Lady Gaga and Adam Driver bring it home, with a full collection of vintage Gucci on display for the film.


2. Out Now: HBO Max Docu-Series, American Fashion 

This is a short, quick docu-series that you’ll go through in a week tops! Each “mini sode” summarizes a decade of fashion, iconic moments worn by your favorites through out history and even how trends came to be! Find it on-demand now on HBO MAX. 

3. Out Now: Netflix Mini Series, Halston

It’s out and you can binge away on Netflix. Think: NYC, Studio 54 and many flowing garments. A story about American Fashion Designer, Halston, played by Ewan McGregor. 


4. Out Now: In Theaters, Spencer

Kristen Stewart will be playing Lady Diana in a biographical film called Spencer. The film dives into the emotions and inner workings of who Princess Diana was as a person, mother and royal and is focussed on one period of her life. Expect iconic looks by the long missed style icon herself through out the film.

5. Out Now: Netflix, (Buzz-Worthy Wardrobe) The Harder They Fall

Balmain is making waves with a new kind of collection (one for film.) Media buzz and promotion on behalf of the fashion house, Balmain has made its way through tinsel town. Olivier Rousteing, the youngest Creative Director for a major fashion house in history, grew up watching westerns and not only did he get to design some western-inspired wear fro this film, but he also got a small part.