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Sporty, Yet Chic: Our Lunch at 3rd Base Hollywood

New Hollywood Draft Pick

Hollywood is home to this stylish (yet super sporty) restaurant that appeals to nearly everyone; foodies, sports fans, and everyone else in between. This elevated sports bar is now open during the week for lunch, Monday to Friday, and has since become quite the hotspot for a midday meal with friends or family. The LA Girl took a lunch break and visited this joint, 3rd Base, located at 1562 N Cahuenga Blvd, where we discovered that upscale bar food does indeed exist. When we say “sports bar”, we know your mind might think of a hole in the wall with TVs showing games, but 3rd Base will change your entire perspective. You can watch all the sports you want while dining in with great service, delicious drinks, and even better food! It’s even the perfect spot for a couple when one is missing “the big game” and the other is getting to their hangry point. It’s a win-win to visit 3rd Base because it’s sure to satisfy both parties. Follow along to discover our LA Girl take on this new, sporty gem!

First to Bat: Starters… A First Hand Account

Two members of The LA Girl team, Lindey and I, Allison Bebout, dined in at 3rd Base this past Friday to enjoy a co-worker lunch date right in the heart of Hollywood. From the moment we walked in, we received nothing but smiles and hellos from the 3rd Base staff and we were seated at a nice booth by the open windows. The menu was filled with so many delicious options, it was hard to pick only a few items. We decided to order a little bit of this and a little bit of that to get a wide variety and have the chance to try a few of their fan-favorite dishes. We started with two Watermelon Lemonades, which were recommended by our sweet waitress, and ordered three items from their “starting lineup”; Shishito Peppers, 3rd Base Nachos, and Chipotle Hummus. The nachos and hummus dish were both perfect to share, and the shishito peppers had a very unique flavor. They also have Mac & Cheese, a variety of sliders, and Mozzarella Sticks which we will definitely want to try next time.

3rd Base: The Entrees

Next up, time for our main courses! We had heard the pizza was super tasty at 3rd Base, so we knew we wanted to try at least one. The menu has 4 different kinds including Mushroom, a classic take on Pepperoni and Cheese, and lastly Bbq Chicken which is what we ordered and is featured above. Can you see the detail from the sauce to the added ingredients? This pizza was fun to look at and even yummier to eat! The Above and Beyond (Vegan Burger) was an obvious choice for us and it sure hit the spot. Lucky for us, we got boxes to take our leftovers home and got to enjoy it all over again the next day. Yum!

The LA Girl’s Grand Slam Pick

Last, but surely not least, The LA Girl favorite; Bread Pudding on the “Closer” menu. This is not your normal bread pudding dessert, this was so moist and filled with flavor. Served with Brown Butter Bread, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and not to mention the market berries that were fresh and added so much to this dessert. We can’t emphasize it enough that you need to order this dessert no matter how full you are from lunch. It was a gorgeous presentation, tasted divine, and made for a perfect photo op moment. Wow is all we have to say.

The Dugout: Elevated Sports Bar

Now let’s discuss the layout and design of this Hollywood lounge/bar. You will walk in and discover your favorite team playing on one of the many screens, along with a variety of other sports like baseball, basketball, football, and more. Huge booths wrap around the outer perimeter of the restaurant, with a bar in the center, serving up delicious cocktails, beers, and even a 3rd Base Margarita Tree (we didn’t order one but we sure wish we did!). The windows are open to provide airflow and views of fabulous Hollywood. The Parking Sitch: There is a parking lot in the shopping center but it was a little pricey, so we opted for parking on the street at a meter and easily found a spot (But it is LA, so you know how it can get). If you’re in the neighborhood and looking to watch the big game (or maybe being dragged there by your significant other) but still want fresh, delicious food, visit 3rd Base for lunch to be treated like an MVP.