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10 Powerful Reasons You Should Go to Soul Camp This Month

Soul Camp

I was lucky enough to go to last year’s Soul Camp, an adult sleepaway camp happening again this year on October 24-28, 2017. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life and I urge each and everyone of you to go!

I first saw this as a Facebook event and I thought it was such a cool concept! It was clearly meant to be when they reached out and invited me to attend Soul Camp and share it with my readers.  I’ve never been to sleepaway camp, so I am thrilled to be going!

You should too! Not convinced? Here’s 10 powerful reasons that you should go to Soul Camp with me in just a few short weeks!

1. You should go… if you never went to sleepaway camp.

If you’re like me and your parents never let you go away and live somewhere else for days, weeks or months. If you have felt major FOMO (fear of missing out) about never getting to experience a real “camp,” then you should definitely book right now (see below for my special discount code)!

2. You should go… if you went and loved it.

For most of the people I know that have gone to sleepaway camp, it’s been one of the best experiences of their lives. Many have kept in touch with their camp friends and left them with fond memores. I’m sure this camp will provide the same!

3. You should go… if you need to get away.

Soul Camp will be taking place at Wonder Valley in Sanger, CA, just 4 hours north of LA. It’s far away enough to feel like you’re getting away from the city, but not too far. They also give you the option to take a bus from LA, so you don’t have to worry about driving.

4. You should go… if you need to unplug.

There is limited cell phone service and no WIFI at camp. Gasp! I know, it’s going to be hard for me too. But if you are really looking to unplug, this is a great way to force yourself to do it and have some good old-fashioned fun. I’ll still be taking lots of pictures though, to Instagram after camp!

5. You should go… if you love any of these activities.

All activities are optional and include the following: arts and crafts, yoga, SUP yoga, meditation, breath work, inspirational talks, live music experiences, improv and camp games, intuitive readings, boating, fitness classes and more! All classes are included in the price.

6. You should go… if you want to eat healthy food for 4 days.

Yes, they will have all the food options available including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. They have partnered with Healthy Cooking Camp for “the most incredible nourishing “healthified” camp food your heart and body could ever desire.” I’m really excited for the food!

7. You should go… even if you don’t want to sleep in a bunk bed or share a room.

Although some people may opt for this more social lodging option, you do have the option of getting a private room or even a private cabin if you prefer to have your alone time.

8. You should go… if you want to immerse yourself in nature.

Soul Camp will be in the woods and you’ll be surrounded by trees, lakes, and hills. You’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet that you hardly get in LA, but have the option to be with other campers when you want to.

9. You should go… if you want to meet other amazing people.

There will be around 150 other campers with you and 80% of them come alone. It’s a great way to create new friendships and bond with other campers, whether you are bunkmates or you meet while doing camp activities.

10. You should go… if you’re looking for something more! 

Soul Camp starts at $999 for a bunk. If you think about it, you are getting 5 days and 4 nights of food, accommodation, and activities – that’s only $200 per day for everything. Not to mention, it’s going to be such a unique and unforgettable experience!

One more thing that I wanted to share with you is the amazing story of how Soul Camp started! It was founded by Michelle and Ali who met at sleepaway camp when they were only 9 years old! They reconnected on Facebook 15 years later and when their old camp director asked them to lead a group retreat.

According to their website, Soul Camp did not “begin as a business. Rather, it began as a party, born out of the energy of the girls’ joy and excitement at the idea of turning what they’d learned along the path into something they could share with others.”

I’m so excited to go to Soul Camp again this month! If you’re going to Soul Camp, don’t forget to join the Facebook Group exclusively for campers so you can chat with others who will also be going. Also, don’t forget to come find me! I’ll probably be in yoga, or arts and crafts, or dance class… too many to choose from!