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5 Ways Every LA Girl Can Make Their Home a Smart Home

Smart Home

A smart home is something that everyone has been talking about for a while now. What exactly does it mean? It basically means that you are using technology in your home to make things easier and be more connected. Here are five different way you can create a smart home and my recommended devices to use!

Keep an eye on things at home

This is the most popular way to make your home smarter. It’s a way for you to see what’s going on at home without actually being there. Usually people use a Nest Cam for a baby monitor or to keep an eye on your pet. You can watch what’s happening right on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Smart Home


Some awesome features of this include being able to get alerts for sound or motion detection. You can listen and talk through the app. You can even activate the night vision when it’s night time. You can pretty much spy on anyone and your dog whenever you want.

Keep it cool or heat things up

With a Nest Learning Thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your home remotely. You can create a customized schedule and program adjustments to save money on the heating and cooling bills. You can save anywhere from 10-15% on your bill.

Smart Home

Keep an eye on your stuff

If you always misplace things, you’re going to love the XY Find it Beacon. It helps you find things easily via Bluetooth. If you’re always having trouble finding your keys. You can put a beacon on it and sync it to your phone so you can find it’s location on a map or a beeping sound on the location of the item.

Keep your home safe

With Nest Protect, you will get an alert when it senses an increase of carbon monoxide or detects smoke. It’s the smartest smoke detector alarm ever, alerting you in a friendly, human voice that it detects danger. Even when you’re not home, it will notify you!

An amazing feature with this device is that if it is paired with the Nest Learning Thermostat it will automatically turn off the gas furnace if the carbon monoxide alarm goes off. Now, that’s a smart home!

Keep the mood

Night lights are so not cool anymore! The SnapPower Guidelight is the new replacement for the standard plug-in night light. It has 3 LED lights so that you can choose which type of lighting to set the mood in your home.

Smart Home

It’s amazing how you can now connect to your home wirelessly, keep an eye on your loved ones and know when they’re in danger, turn on the AC before you get home, find your stuff (finally!) and play with the lighting in your house. If you’re interested in making your home a smart home, Frontier can make it happen!

This post is sponsored by Frontier. All opinions are my own.