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13 Scary Things in Los Angeles Everyone Can Relate To

Scary Things in Los Angeles - Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Happy Halloween! Instead of writing about our costumes to tonight’s WeHo parade or what parties everyone when to this weekend, I wanted to share 13 scary things in Los Angeles everyone is afraid of. I’m not talking about clowns or haunted houses, but the scary things in Los Angeles that can happen every day, at any time.

There’s a lot of things we’ve learned to live with like traffic and crowds and things we’ve learned to live without – rain, snow, and extremely hot and cold temperatures. So let’s go through my top 13 scary things in Los Angeles that I’ve encountered in my last three decades of living here.

1. When you have to go to dinner in Downtown, but you live on the Westside. On a weekday – yikes!

2. When the sign says “Cash Only” and you know that’s not happening.

3. When you haven’t checked your dating apps for a week and you gotta go through all those matches.

4. When you’ve circled around five times for parking and don’t want to pay $35 for valet.

5. If the 405 was suddenly closed for a week. I’m not sure we would be able to survive this one.

6. When you went to that yoga class and everyone was doing handstands.

7. When your uBer driver doesn’t get there when the app says “Arriving Now” and you’re at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

8. When you start feeling rain drops and no one said anything about rain this week, not even Siri.

9. When you’re still editing your Instagram photo and you accidentally post before you’re done.

10. When someone gives you their business card and it’s their name and 10 different titles.

11. When Runyon Canyon closed and you didn’t read my list of other hikes to do, so you had to go to the gym instead.

12. When your celebrity crush is at Whole Foods or Soul Cycle and you just couldn’t bring yourself to ask for a selfie.

13. When you read all the parking signs twice, but somehow you still got towed.

I’m not a scaredy-cat by any means, but most of these have happened to me personally. Let me know which ones you can relate to and which of these 13 scary things in Los Angeles you’ve experienced recently!

Featured Image Source: California Through My Lens